Business Reporter: Finally, a Practical Way to Stop the Pollution of Our Planet With Five Trillion Plastic Bags Every Year

Business Reporter: Finally, a Practical Way to Stop the Pollution of Our Planet With Five Trillion Plastic Bags Every Year

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LONDON, March 9, 2020

LONDON, March 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- On average, plastic shopping bags are used for just 12 minutes. And it takes 1,000 years for them to break down completely. But we no longer have to use them.

There is now a practical and commercially viable alternative to plastic bags.

Earthnest, which produces 100 per cent plastic-free and fully biodegradable bags, has just launched in the UK. Its biodegradable bags are waterproof, oil-resistant and provide an oxygen barrier which means they are effective at keeping food fresh, just like plastic bags. However, they are also much stronger than traditional plastic bags, while costing the same to manufacture.

But the real reason Earthnest's biobags are revolutionary is that they are made from 100 per cent natural products such as starch, using a process which is completely environmentally friendly. Unlike alternative bags claiming to be biodegradable these bags contain no polyolefin plastic and so left in the soil, they will degrade completely in a few months, leaving no toxic residue... This means that they are environmentally friendly, both for the planet and the animals that live on it. If accidentally consumed, Earthnest's biobags won't cause the animal harm, and won't build up toxins in the food chain.

They are easy to recycle too – they can be included in paper recycling collections, where recycling centres can then simply dissolve them (water at over 80°C is needed so they aren't going to dissolve in the rain, however).

Plastic bags are causing our planet major problems:

Earthnest's biobags and sheets will replace plastics for numerous functions, such as shopping bags, food wrapping, rubbish bags, industrial packaging, and protective sheeting. Used widely, Earthnest's plastic-free products have the potential to make a very significant improvement to the health of our planet.

To learn more about Earthnest watch the video here.

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About Earthnest

Earthnest's mission is to create a world free of plastic bags. It manufacturers, supplies and delivers 100 per cent plastic-free biobags that are strong, safe and totally recyclable. The company, which is headquartered in the UK, has brought a revolution to stop plastic pollution.

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