Infobip Rated Tier 1 SMS Firewall Vendor Third Year Running in ROCCO™ SMS Annual Firewall Survey

Infobip Rated Tier 1 SMS Firewall Vendor Third Year Running in ROCCO™ SMS Annual Firewall Survey

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LONDON and ZAGREB, Croatia, March 11, 2020

LONDON and ZAGREB, Croatia, March 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Infobip has achieved a Tier 1 rating status in the ROCCO SMS Firewall survey for the third year running, receiving a 4.37 overall rating out of a possible 5.  ROCCO does not judge entrants directly, but facilitates Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in rating them and giving opinions across the wider vendor base, creating a community for information and advice exchange on specific important vendor decisions.

Now in its fourth year ROCCO looks to identify market intelligence in the SMS Firewall space and test it against informed opinions held by leading Telecommunications organizations.  These reports also act as a record of vendors' progress in terms of overall performance.

Jason Bryan, Founder and Chairman of the Rocco Group said: "Over the years of conducting our reports, we have identified Infobip as one of the most widely admired providers in the market. Clearly Mobile operators respect their quality consistency and their deep intelligence in all things messaging related. It's a real pleasure to see the operators rated them in tier one again in this year's SMS Firewall research."

Out of the 18 vendors in the running, Infobip achieved the second highest rating with just 0.01 percentile difference from the top ranking based on general performance criteria including reliability, customer service, technical expertise, reputation, value for money,  value added services, quality of service, transparency and flexibility.

131 MNOs across 92 countries were also asked the question: What are the top 3 requirements you have for SMS Firewall Vendors?   Results showed these to be: SIM box / farm detection capabilities, knowledge of A2P SMS market and trends, and the ability to protect both inbound and outbound A2P SMS.

Matija Razem, VP Business Development for Infobip concludes: "Infobip displayed a strong performance across all categories, testament to the operator partnership team's expertise and true dedication to providing a secure messaging ecosystem.  This is a proud achievement and I'd like to thank everyone who helped us get here.  The ROCCO surveys are special in that they are apply the lense of the customer to everything.  There is no better gauge for quality than the views of the client or end user."


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