Over 50,000 Visitors Turn to Virtual Exhibition Platform

Over 50,000 Visitors Turn to Virtual Exhibition Platform

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KIDDERMINSTER, England, March 12, 2020

A safe alternative to live physical shows amidst spread of Coronavirus

KIDDERMINSTER, England, March 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Operators of the V-Ex virtual exhibition platform have confirmed that over 50,000 people have recently visited online digital trade shows, sales environments and conferences. The unfortunate spread of Coronavirus has resulted in many exhibitors and visitors seeking a safe alternative to live physical shows.

Coronavirus: over 50,000 visitors turn to virtual exhibition platform

"Large corporations and some progressive exhibition businesses were already investing in digital alternatives and virtual companion shows," confirms David Bedford, Director of Marketing at V-Ex. "Current events have meant that plans are being accelerated and visitor numbers for events already open such as www.IndustryExpo.online have skyrocketed."

There are a huge number of practical and ecological benefits to hosting an event online. Aside from the added convenience to visitors of it being available 24/7 there is no travel required; other than reaching for an iPad, PC or mobile. Although webinars have been around for several years, there is currently only one real option when it comes to a large full-scale trade fair.

V-Ex virtual environments are built on a life-size scale and work on all web browsers and multimedia devices. From a sustainability perspective a virtual exhibition stand, or event also consumes less than 1% of the resources of a physical alternative.

To learn more visit V-Ex.com.

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About V-Ex Virtual Exhibitions

The V-Ex Virtual Exhibition platform was designed from the outset as an interactive 3D environment to support large trade shows and conferences with hundreds of stands and thousands of visitors. The application is currently in its 4th generation, with 10 years of usage and development behind it. V-Ex allows owners of venues and live events to expand into the virtual world - offering exhibitors the chance to engage with a global audience, 365 days a year. A powerful CMS and analytics package drives visitor engagement while simultaneously delivering vital feedback and generating qualified sales leads in real-time.

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