Learning with Experts: Online Learning Soars as Britain Braces For Lockdown

Learning with Experts: Online Learning Soars as Britain Braces For Lockdown

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LONDON, March 19, 2020

LONDON, March 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As the Coronavirus moves from contain to delay phase, the health crisis is understandably triggering changes in behaviour. Online learning companies are seeing a spike in subscriptions as consumers look at ways to use their time constructively and positively during self-isolation. 

Sir Muir Gray who has a course on Health & Wellbeing on Learning With Experts (PRNewsfoto/Learning with Experts)

Learning with Experts, which has students from 78 countries taking part in its online courses, has seen traffic treble during the past fortnight. With courses ranging from Self Sufficiency, Horticulture (RHS Level 2), Breadmaking, Photography, Environmental Floristry, Collecting Antiques and Upcycling, it could well be time to learn more about a topic you love. Learning with Experts is particularly strong in food and drink, with courses ranging from Wine Appreciation with TV Wine Show's Amelia Singer to The Art of Making Chocolate with master chocolatier Paul A Young and Sourdough At Home with Barney Desmazery, Senior Food Editor of BBC Good Food Magazine.

Learning with Experts has also teamed up with Professor Sir Muir Gray, former Chief Knowledge Officer for the NHS, to create wellbeing online learning programmes.

Learning with Experts founder, Elspeth Briscoe explains: "We've carefully curated online courses for those who are currently at home. Our online learning programme on wellbeing with Sir Muir, is designed to ensure that anyone who is isolated and has time alone at home, has the choice to use their time constructively, positively and most importantly, in a sociable group environment with others. We've also reduced pricing (by 25%) at this unusual time."

Sir Muir Gray says: "For older people especially, this has the potential to be isolating. Thankfully, we're now in a position where being physically isolated doesn't have to mean that you're socially cut off, and I'd advise people to use this time wisely." His course includes topics such as understanding fitness and preventing and coping with disease which he teaches via video lessons filmed at Oxford University's Green Templeton College.

Learning with Experts is the only online course provider where you're directly in touch with some of the world's best experts, receiving real-time feedback from the comfort of your own home.

Paving the way for all of us to expand our knowledge with its community-centric, expert-led training courses, students learn in intimate online classrooms, where they watch video lectures, share work with other students and have their work marked by foremost experts in their fields. 

Students are placed in a class no larger than 20 and are encouraged to interact with other students, share photos, as well as successes and failures, in a friendly forum that is designed to create a community which in turn encourages learning. The course completion rate at Learning with Experts is over 80%, compared to an average completion rate of online courses of just 20%. 

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