Ta Yang Group Self-developed Full-silicone KN95 Masks Received EU CE Certification

Ta Yang Group Self-developed Full-silicone KN95 Masks Received EU CE Certification

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HONG KONG, March 23, 2020

HONG KONG, March 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ta Yang Group Holding Co., Ltd. ("Ta Yang Group", stock code: 1991.HK), one of the world's major manufacturers of silicone products, has successfully developed the world's first environment-friendly all-silicone KN 95 protective mask amid supply gluts stemming from novel coronavirus epidemic. The Group aspires to work with the rest of the world to fight the epidemic and walk through the difficult times.

The novel coronavirus outbreak has quickly spread all over the places. Stockpiling of daily necessities emerges in many locations, drying up supplies of protective masks. Ta Yang Group, with its proprietary R&D capacity, has developed the world's first all-silicone KN95 protective mask, which is reusable and environment-friendly. This will help alleviate the world's demand for disposable masks, thereby relieving the supply glut in selected markets.

Proactive expansion into the healthcare sector

Mr. Ding He, Chief Operating Officer of Ta Yang Group, pointed out that in order to keep in pace with innovation in the silicone industry, the Group had planned to develop environment-friendly reusable masks with silicone well before the outbreak, seeking to expand into the medical and healthcare sectors. The Group has its own one-stop production facilities that ensure efficient production, stable supply and effective cost control. The awareness for protection is set to maintain at a high level even after epidemic subsides, establishing a strong footing for higher demand for personal protective equipment such as protective masks. The strategy to shift focus to development of the personal protective equipment will bring in highly lucrative opportunities to the Group.

Ta Yang has long been engaging in development, production and sales of high-quality silicone input devices and related products. It is one of the world's major manufacturers of silicone input devices and has extensive experiences in manufacturing of silicone products. In addition, with coordination efforts of the local government where the Group's production facilities situate, Ta Yang has given priority access to certified raw materials for the filter layers, thereby ensuring efficient production of filter layers that meet bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) and particulate filtration efficiency (PFE) specifications for protective masks. The filtering efficacy of the Group's KN95 protective mask is equivalent to that of N95 masks by US standards, suitable for use by the general public for protection against the epidemic.

Mr. He said he saw this opportunity to independently develop environment-friendly full-silicone KN95 protective masks a very valuable experience for the Group. The management team will continue to capitalize on the industry's development momentum and apply silicone product technology more extensively to different sectors. The Group also seeks to strengthen its product development capability, improve its product quality and refine its manufacturing craftsmanship. These achievements are set to blend in seamlessly with the Group's mature and stable silicone technologies into a more innovative business model to capture more market opportunities, strengthening its muscles and securing its market leadership.

Environment-friendly all-silicone KN95 protective mask

Ta Yang Group has been in a leader in silicone development technologies in China. It has won many international awards, and received key certifications including ISO, QS, UL and RoHS. The silicone products by Ta Yang Group are internationally recognized. The newly launched environment-friendly all-silicone KN95 protective mask is made from food-grade silicone which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion, safe and friendly to the environment and reusable. The material is soft, comfortable to wear yet retains its shape when worn on faces of various physiques, thus avoiding leakages on the side when the wearer breathes. The filter layer has also passed PM2.5 filtration efficiency testing and has proven effective in blocking more than 95% of particles measured 0.3 microns or more in diameter, bacteria and virus carried in droplets in the air. The Group has received orders for production of environmental-friendly all-silicone KN95 protective masks for local governments and charitable organisations in Mainland China, garnering strong support and confidence. Recently, the mask has received CE certification from the European Union and completed establishment registration and device listing with the US Food and Drug Administration ("FDA"), helping the Group further promote this all-silicone KN95 protective mask product to the global market.

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