CanadaSportsBetting Review Shows Businessmen Control the Majority of Sports Leagues in the US

CanadaSportsBetting Review Shows Businessmen Control the Majority of Sports Leagues in the US

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TORONTO, April 22, 2020

CanadaSportsBetting analysis shows billionaires control the majority of teams in the four major sports leagues in the US. The list is largely compiled of American businessmen, but also includes a couple of businesswomen, and even an ex-athlete

TORONTO, April 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- has pooled all franchise owners from the four major sports leagues in North America - NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB - into one infographic. The results show that 74 out of 124 teams (60%) are controlled by a single individual.

The average wealth of a franchise owner is over $4.5 billion, with Steve Ballmer leading the pack with a personal net worth of over $50 billion. Ballmer's huge wealth makes NBA owners the richest compared to the other leagues - their average net worth is over $6 billion.

The NFL stands out as the league with the most teams controlled by just one person - four out of five National Football League teams are owned by an individual person.

The MLB is at the other end of the scale with the least individual owners, but even there, more than 50% of the teams have one person calling the shots (at least in theory).

Four people own more than one team; Gayle Benson controls the Pelicans (NBA) and the Saints (NFL) - she's the first woman to control teams in both, the NBA and the NFL; Jerry Reinsdorf owns the Bulls (NBA) and the White Sox (MLB); Terry Pegula owns the Bills (NFL) and the Sabres (NHL); Ann Walton Kroenke owns the Avalanche (NHL) and Nuggets (NBA).

The Kroenke family also owns the Rams (NFL), Arsenal FC (English Premier League), Colorado Rapids (MLS), Colorado Mammoth (NLL), Los Angeles Gladiators (Overwatch League), Los Angeles Guerrillas (Call of Duty League).

Micheal Jordan is the richest living athlete with a personal wealth of over $2 billion. He also owns a majority of the Charlotte Hornets (NBA). Jordan earned over $1.7 billion during his basketball career making him one of only five athletes who have earned more than a billion dollars during their career.

The four others are Tiger Woods (golf), Arnold Palmer (golf), Jack Niklaus (golf) and Michael Schumacher (Formula 1).

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