Indian Engineering and Innovation Company Citadel Research and Solutions Makes Global Breakthrough With 'ICoVent,' COVID-19 Specific Ventilator

Indian Engineering and Innovation Company Citadel Research and Solutions Makes Global Breakthrough With 'ICoVent,' COVID-19 Specific Ventilator

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HYDERABAD, India, April 23, 2020

HYDERABAD, India, April 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mr. Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, Engineer, Inventor, Entrepreneur and former Member of Indian Parliament, today announced a global breakthrough with the development of ICoVent, a 'rapidly manufacturable COVID-19 specific ventilator.' The ICoVent will help address the global shortage of ventilators.

Mr. Konda Vishweshwar Reddy

Speaking at the launch of the ICoVent, abbreviated for Indian COVID Ventilator, Mr. Reddy said, "The successful development of this ventilator is testament to the capabilities of Indian engineering to solve global challenges. An original design that is conceptually new, the components used for manufacture of the ICoVent ventilator are freely available in most countries including India. Its precision does not depend on expensive sensors and regulators. The ICoVent, a rapidly manufacturable COVID-19 specific ventilator will help to bridge the shortfall and benefit humanity."

With the COVID-19 pandemic, governments and healthcare systems suddenly found they needed more ventilators than they had to save the lives of patients. The UK was the first country to come out with a set of specifications defining* 'the minimum clinically accepted criteria for a rapidly manufacturable ventilator to address the COVID-19 situation. 'The ICoVent meets the UK Government specifications. A patent for the technology and function has already been applied for. Citadel Research & Development Ltd. is open to explore partnerships to manufacture in UK.

Only ICU ventilators can be used on COVID-19 patients in critical conditions/ARDS. But ICU ventilators are in short supply and cannot be manufactured quickly. The ICoVent Ventilator can be manufactured rapidly at a low cost. Most of the other ventilators especially those based on Mechanized Ambu bags provide no clinical benefits for use on COVID-19 patients, can potentially cause ventilator-induced lung injury and also put healthcare professionals under great risk as they release of a huge viral load into the ICU atmosphere. Many healthcare workers have succumbed to this.

The ICoVent is specially designed for COVID-19 patients with ARDS which allows the doctor to precisely control volume and various pressures. All parameters like Peak Inspiration Pressure PIP, Plateau Pressure, PEEP, I:E Ratios, Tidal Volume, Modes, Triggers etc. can be controlled in the ICoVent Ventilator.

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