Celebrating Gate.io: A 7th Anniversary Retrospective and Future Prospect

Celebrating Gate.io: A 7th Anniversary Retrospective and Future Prospect

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GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands, April 24, 2020

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands, April 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In April 2013, Gate.io embarked on the journey of building a reliable cryptocurrency exchange, inspired by the vision of "offering a secure trading platform to every bitcoin believer". Seven years have gone by in a blink of an eye. Today, Gate.io has become one of the leading exchange platforms, creating a truly secure, safe, and transparent trading experience for more than 3 million users across 130 countries worldwide.

In the spirit of celebrating the 7th Anniversary, Gate.io proudly presents a series of exciting events to show appreciation to the users for their unwavering support. These events include "Wine x Tina Red Packet Airdrop & Live Broadcast Party", "'Seven Years with Gate.io' Story Contest", "Crypto Position Management Benefit", "Bitcoin Anniversary Rebate" and "Golden Anchor Weekly Contest". The 7th Anniversary Live Celebration garnered an overwhelming average turnout of 13,000 online viewers, with a record-breaking viewership exceeding 40000 at its peak. Other events will continue until the end of the month. Users can share their "Seven Years with Gate.io" story on Gate.io's social media platforms by April 30 and stand to win an exclusive anniversary gift. For more details on other events, please visit Gate.io's official website for further announcements.

Gate.io's journey to success bears witness to the rapid development of the cryptocurrency industry. With unwavering support from their users, Gate.io sustained through two halving cycles of BTC and witnessed the price of bitcoin skyrocketing from a few dollars to a peak of 20000 USD. Despite frequent market fluctuations, Gate.io has withstood the tests of multiple pullbacks and rallied against drastic price plummets. At its peak, Gate.io's 24-hour trading volume topped 110 million USD, with cryptocurrency spot trading volume surpassing 600 million USD and contract trading volume exceeding 800 million USD. With robust and consistent performances, Gate.io has clinched a spot among the top 10 internationally recognized cryptocurrency exchanges.

Despite market ups and downs, Gate.io has never forgone its original commitment of providing a safe exchange for bitcoin believers and has taken security and stability of the platform as its top concern.

Security as the Top Concern 

GateChain is a new-generation public chain designed and implemented by Gate.io, that focuses on safeguarding user asset security and facilitating decentralized transactions. The development of GateChain is integral to the continued growth of Gate.io, as security is the bedrock upon which its entire operation depends. Security determines whether Gate.io's product development and service provision will eventually bear fruit, as its long-term sustainable development is predicated solely on asset security.

Trust as the Second Line of Defense

The second key to security is trust. Trust is built on incorporating rigorous technical standards into diverse product lines and quality services. Gate.io's professional standards have always been at the forefront of the industry. Its security system is ranked fifth on CoinGecko's Trust Score 2.0, with a 10 out of 10 trust score. Notably, Gate.io is one of few out of more than 400 exchanges worldwide to attain a perfect trust score.

In the time of COVID-19 outbreak, Gate.io has distributed more than 20000 aid packages to the users, on top of sending aid shipments and emergency supplies to the worst-stricken regions, in hopes of forging through the pandemic.

Gate.io has and will always stand by the users. Gate.io truly values the unwavering support over the years through thick and thin, and promises to continuously deliver reliable, streamlined, and consistent products and high-quality services to every user.

Future Prospects

Since its founding, Gate.io has dedicated time and effort to refine user-centered, service-orient products while upholding the highest standards of integrity. Gate.io is committed to providing fast, efficient, and authentic trading experiences and platforms for global users.

Presently, the proliferation of the digital economy intensifies competition within the crypto industry. There is a growing need for steadfast spearheads to steer the entire industry towards achieving positive and sustainable development. Gate.io, with its competitive exchange platforms and exemplary trading models, has laid solid groundwork for subsequent development of the industry. In the future, Gate.io will assume the role of an unfaltering industry leader and contribute significantly to the development of the digital economy.  

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