Sir Anthony Ritossa Hosts "Amplifying the Positive Values of Family Office Investments for the Good of Humanity" Virtual Keynote

Sir Anthony Ritossa Hosts "Amplifying the Positive Values of Family Office Investments for the Good of Humanity" Virtual Keynote

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DUBAI, UAE, April 27, 2020

- Under the High Patronage of H.E. Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Duaij bin Khalifa Al Khalifa

DUBAI, UAE, April 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- "Amplifying the Positive Values of Family Office Investments for the Good of Humanity," hosted by Sir Anthony Ritossa of The Ritossa Family Office on April 21 under the High Patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Duaij bin Khalifa Al Khalifa, unified a record-breaking 873 leading global family offices and industry professionals for a Virtual Keynote Panel exploring the best path forward in today's uncertain times.

(Left to Right) "Sir Anthony Ritossa, Ritossa Family Office and H.E. Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Duaij bin Khalifa Al Khalifa"

As the first in a series of Virtual Keynotes, the event hosted an esteemed panel of six leading dignitaries from the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United States and United Kingdom. These gentlemen presented actionable strategies to make the world a better place as well as an overview of how they are prioritising new opportunities for preserving and developing wealth.

"It has been a fantastic Virtual Keynote. Thank you so much to the esteemed Moderator Hussein Sayed, CFA, and all Panelists Adam LadjadjAdil AlzarooniBadr Al-TowaijriNadeem Siam, and  Benjamin Blumenthal for enlightening our families with your thought leadership and support. Among the takeaways I have seen here is that helping others is the greatest form of wealth," said Sir Anthony Ritossa, Chairman, Ritossa Family Office, Host Ritossa Family Office Investment Summits.

"The COVID-19 pandemic is the greatest test for the wills of nations and the resilience of people across the globe. While we always used to gather at Ritossa Family Office Investment Summits in the good times, I'm so glad that we still communicate during the tough times. Thanks to Sir Anthony Ritossa and his team for bringing powerful family offices together and facilitating online panel discussions which should play an essential role in fighting this invisible enemy," said Hussein Sayed, CNBC Arabia Anchor, UAE and Panel Moderator.

"I would like to thank the Ritossa Family Office for this outstanding webinar. The discussion was very insightful with the world class 800+ participants and fellow panelists. Looking forward to the next event," said Rayan Qutub, Chairman, Nama Al Baraka Holding, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

"The virtual Ritossa conference was a truly elegant and insightful gathering of leading family offices from across the world who share the common goals of wealth preservation and expansion as well as the support for emerging technologies that can help all of humanity. Bravo Sir Anthony," said Benjamin Blumenthal, Founder and CEO, US Venture Broadcast, USA.

Highlights of the discussion included:

Humanity Will Welcome a New Normal – Leading private investors are exploring new technologies to help the world such as a new medical evaluation gateway called Symptom Sense that measures human health indicators such as temperature, heart rate, oxygen level and shortness of breath at public venues such as airports, schools, hospitals, public buildings, hotels, conference venues, sports and concert halls as well as places of worship.

Sector-Specific Growth Presents Opportunity – There are 10-12x growth opportunities in certain technology investments, especially those such as groceries that are deemed necessary. Companies that manufacture disposable healthcare products such as face masks are strong performers as well, and investors who capitalise on these timely sectors are well-poised for future growth.

Focus on Human Health is Vital – Emotional well-being services, including online support, is important and will continue to be essential beyond the pandemic. Helping our communities in a sustainable manner over the long-term is critical.

The More Companies That Survive, the Quicker the Recovery – It is vital to issue credit in the short term to enable the maximum number of small-medium businesses to survive so that once restrictions are lifted, we can recover quickly and efficiently. As investors continue to seek strong returns, we need to help each other.

The Future of Education Will Change – The value of e-learning and virtual schools has been substantiated as humans increasingly work and study from home. Experts agree that life after COVID-19 will not be the sam, and e-learning solutions that help to improve the quality of education will be big winners.

Taking Care of People is Critical – With talk focused on flattening the curve, it is important to understand that the curve is a wave and that humans may face a harsh winter as the coronavirus continues to ebb and flow. With that in mind, we must gather together to build strategies and invest in ways that help make the world a better place for all. By being prepared, investors are able to stay strong.

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Soundbites from the Audience

Excellent panel today. Thank you very much for the opportunity to attend."
Bernard Saint-Donat

"Thank you for the great panel. Well organized thanks to you and your team. Looking forward to the Monaco event."
-  Nadeem Siam

"I highly appreciate your kind invitation to attend the above mentioned subject. It was very valuable conference and I was quite honored to attend it. Many thanks to Sir Anthony Ritossa and your self as well. Kindly inform me for any incoming event."
-  Sami ALSaleh 

"I would like to acknowledge you and your team for an outstanding effort at putting together the Ritossa Family Virtual Summits. It takes a lot of time, effort, energy and planning to bring a Global virtual audience together."
Darren Jacklin

"Please do pass on my thanks to the panel members, they provided a very thought-provoking debate.I would certainly be interested in attending future events, you mentioned May 5th at the end there."
Robert Morse

"Thank you to you and Sir Anthony for hosting the virtual conference. Very informative and excellent panelists."
-  Edelweiss Harrison

Thank you very much. You and Anthony did a great job. How can I get registered for the next one on May 5th?
Charles J. Cooper

"Just wanted to drop a note to thank you for organizing a really great webinar. Really enjoyed the insights from the panelist. Moderator did a fantastic job as well. Thanks, again."
Jonathan Ter Meer

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