Ecolog International Donates Technical Devices During COVID-19 Challenging Times to Children With Limited Access to Digital Resources

Ecolog International Donates Technical Devices During COVID-19 Challenging Times to Children With Limited Access to Digital Resources

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TETOVO, North Macedonia, April 28, 2020

TETOVO, North Macedonia, April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ECOLOG International, a leading global provider of integrated services, technology, environmental solutions, energy, logistics, engineering and construction is donating thousands of technical devices to students in North Macedonia, who require technology to be able to participate in online courses as part of the country's distance learning program, implemented for students across several nations in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Ecolog International donates technical devices during COVID-19 challenging times to children with limited access to digital resources.

As schools were closed across North Macedonia as a result of the pandemic, a large number of students were left out of the e-learning program due to the lack of access to technical devices and therefore were not able to continue their education from home. In order to further support the communities during this difficult time and to ensure the educational process for students continues, Ecolog International established a dedicated project team to procure technical equipment, plan logistics and distribute the devices. Ecolog appreciates the valuable support from the state institutions by providing the overview of municipalities within North Macedonia, where students urgently required electronic devices. Students receiving devices from Ecolog will keep these permanently to further support them in their education beyond the pandemic.

"As the world is facing an unprecedented crisis, it is our civic duty to help one another and support the communities. The pandemic has taught us many lessons, including the importance of investing in education and science to address the challenges of tomorrow" said Ali Vezvaei, Group CEO of Ecolog International "Ecolog has consistently supported education of the future generation and contributed to the communities in which it operates. This initiative that was brought to life by philanthropist, Mr. Lazim Destani, ensures children can continue their learning process and engage in development and growth even during such challenging circumstances. Ecolog International and the Destani family will continue to support initiatives that improve overall living standards and bring positive social, economic and environmental impact to the communities."

Ecolog International's corporate strategy has a strong focus on improving health and education and tackling climate change, while enhancing economic, social and environmental aspects.



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