Jagora University and Akholi Give 10,000 Students in Cameroon Free University Education

Jagora University and Akholi Give 10,000 Students in Cameroon Free University Education

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PORTLAND, Oregon, April 28, 2020

Jagora University and Akholi give 10,000 students in Cameroon a free university education as the next step in a larger plan to extend education to all African students regardless of location or circumstance

PORTLAND, Oregon, April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Jagora and Akholi launched a pilot program in Cameroon, giving free university education to 10,000 students through Jagora University. This program is the next step in Jagora and Akholi's plan to extend cost-effective primary through tertiary education to all students in Africa regardless of location or circumstance.

Dr. Mahamouda Salouhou, Akholi Managing Director Education Development and Jagora University President, commented, "African youth are bright and want to be part of the global workforce. Students know that education is the most important step they can take to change their lives. Unfortunately, most youths in Africa face significant challenges that keep them out of school. We are breaking down these barriers using technology, connections with global employers, and our network of international educators. The world's workforce is rapidly changing. Education must also evolve. This need to evolve education is particularly true in Africa. If the youth of Africa are to have an opportunity to better their lives, we must find innovative methods extending education to all."

There is enormous potential in the youth of Africa. Working with forward-looking country leaders and public education officials in Africa, Jagora and Akholi are unlocking that potential now. Jagora and Akholi firmly believe that every student in Africa can have a vital role in the global economy.

Jagora and Akholi are:

Phil Hatch, Akholi's Managing Director Workforce and Investment Development, noted, "Education is not a privilege. Education is a fundamental human right and is the most powerful tool countries have in creating jobs, boosting the economy, and eliminating poverty. Far too often, the youth of Africa do not have an opportunity to get the education they need. Working with government leaders and public education officials, we are directly addressing education cost, access to qualified educators, skills alignment to global demand, accessibility, and scalability. We are committed to the wellbeing of every African student. Every student is important. We believe in the incredible potential of the youth of Africa and are taking steps now to ensure every country in Africa can offer education to every student."

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Phil Hatch, Managing Director, Akholi, p.hatch@akholi.com, +1.503.964.8522

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