Business Reporter: Why Taking a Holistic Approach Towards the Supply Chain Is Necessary for Cutting Emissions

Business Reporter: Why Taking a Holistic Approach Towards the Supply Chain Is Necessary for Cutting Emissions

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LONDON, May 11, 2020

LONDON, May 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Reuse is the way forward for sustainable packaging, but it must involve collaboration across the entire supply chain, says ORBIS.

Sustainable development is at the forefront of many business strategies today to align with the shift to a more circular economy. But these initiatives have to involve people from across the supply process in order to be successful.

Packaging is a useful example. Bob Petersen, vice president of marketing and product management at sustainable packaging company ORBIS, says: "When optimally designed, reusable packaging moves product in the supply chain faster, safer, more cost-effectively and with less impact on the environment."

However, there has to be a sense of communication and unity across the supply chain for a sustainable plan to be effective. Bob cautions: "You have to be prepared to take a very broad look at the supply chain in all the different areas that are impacted, and that means working with manufacturing, logistics, marketing and commercial teams."

For instance, a retailer shipping milk fluid to many different stores needs collaboration between the retailer and dairies. One party without the other would not be as cost-effective or sustainable. 

As we shift to a more circular economy, companies today have a big responsibility to respond to consumer needs. As Bob explains, "Young consumers are very conscious of the decisions around how products are made and distributed… this is more than just the sustainable products in their shopping cart, but rather the end-to-end sustainability of the entire supply chain, from the manufacturing plant to the point of purchase."

ORBIS is optimistic about the power of partnerships across the supply chain, saying: "We can get there together. Taking care of the environment is no easy task for businesses, but with the right help, sustainability is possible."

To learn more about why taking a holistic approach towards the supply chain is necessary for cutting emissions, read the full article here.

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About ORBIS 

ORBIS is a sustainable packaging company. It works with companies to analyse their supply chains and monitor and alter the impact they have on the environment.  It helps to improve the flow of products along the supply chain to reduce costs, enhance profitability, optimise operations and add sustainability.



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