Big Start helps businesses secure PPE gear as global demand spikes

Big Start helps businesses secure PPE gear as global demand spikes

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PERTH, Australia, May 13, 2020

PERTH, Australia, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Australian medical supply innovator Big Start is being inundated with orders from around the world as companies seek to protect staff as lockdowns are lifted and businesses get back to work.

Big Start helps businesses secure PPE gear as global demand spikes

Big Start's CEO Jack Quigley said companies are securing access to PPE gear to ensure their workers are protected from further outbreaks.

"Companies have a duty of care to their employees, and in these extraordinary times that means supplying them with PPE gear like face masks and gloves so they can do their jobs safely and confidently," he said.

The key weapon that's emerged is Personal Protective Equipment – PPE – which Big Start has been shipping in bulk to health workers globally.

But Big Start is also seeing a surge in demand for PPE gear from businesses wanting to protect their workers as they carry on with their jobs or come back to the workplace after a period in lockdown.

"Big Start is ready to help businesses of every kind secure top quality PPE gear for their employees and ensure they have a steady supply chain in place so their stock stays topped up."

Vital businesses like supermarkets are still open, and workers there need access to PPE gear to ensure they are protected.

Big Start has been utilising its close relationships with top tier manufacturers of PPE equipment to fly bulk orders of crucial items to medical teams in Australia, Italy and the United States.

Big Start has exclusive access to PPE supplies including KN95 facemasks, Type II Surgical facemasks, respirators, isolation gowns, boot covers, disposable plastic coveralls and face shields.

Mr Quigley said businesses that want to recover from COVID-19's disruption need to secure as much PPE as they can.

"Getting people back to work and making sure they can continue doing their job safely is vital for restoring national economies and for ensuring the world recovers from this disruptive virus," he said.

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Big Start Global is a Perth-based safety product distributor with years of experience navigating the complex global web of suppliers. Leveraging its sector knowledge and global supply base and contacts, Big Start is committed to moving health supplies to where they are most needed while creating a prosperous and connected world.

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