Reducing the Spread of Disease With Antibacterial Print From BODEE

Reducing the Spread of Disease With Antibacterial Print From BODEE

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BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, England, May 13, 2020

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, England, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- British company BODEE has created a unique antibacterial print sealant.

Leaflets, brochures, packaging and magazines can all be touched by many hands, each leaving their own selection of germs for the next person to pick up.

Bacteria that land on an item coated with the BODEE antibacterial sealant are neutralised, stopping the transmission of those germs.

With the antibacterial qualities embedded in the surface of the printed item, the results are long lasting, offering protection over the course of that item's life.

Clinically approved, the BODEE antibacterial sealant offers a vastly more hygienic way for companies to print their items and protect their clients.

"We've been in the print industry for over 35 years. We developed a unique Antibacterial Print Sealant to reduce the transmission of germs and give our customers confidence that they are helping to keep everyone healthy and safe.

Sat in a burger restaurant last year, we saw customers holding grubby menus, then eating by hand – and that's when the idea was born.

Following our clinical approval, we are excited to launch our new service in a time when hygiene has never been more imperative."
Andrew Hurley, Managing Director

From cereal boxes to book covers and birthday cards, the antibacterial sealant can be applied to almost anything printed. Using the sealant has no negative influence on recycling and has a minimal impact on the cost to print.

BODEE manages all printing in house, with a full-scale and fully staffed print facility, based in Buckinghamshire UK, but able to distribute globally.

Clients are also invited to place the BODEE Sealant Logo on their printed items, allowing the end user to know that the item is protected with the antibacterial sealant.

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