KELA Announces the Addition of Featured Queries to Their DARKBEAST Platform

KELA Announces the Addition of Featured Queries to Their DARKBEAST Platform

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TEL AVIV , Israel, May 13, 2020

Dark Net Search Engine and Investigation Platform Helps Users Stay Up to Date on the Most Trending Underground Threats

TEL AVIV , Israel, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- KELA Targeted Cyber Intelligence, a global Dark Net threat intelligence provider, announces today the addition of Featured Queries to DARKBEAST – their proprietary Dark Net search engine and investigation platform — helping their users stay informed on the most relevant underground threats.


KELA's DARKBEAST search engine helps enterprises and law enforcement agencies perform real-time researches and investigations straight from KELA's data lake of highly qualified and curated sources, saving them the time of locating and accessing those sources on their own. DARKBEAST gives users one place to safely search and retrieve intelligence straight from the Dark Net with zero latency. Sources are cached into KELA's data lake and accessible through DARKBEAST, where users can search through underground forums and markets, information sharing sites, instant messaging platforms, hacking repositories, and much more. Everything is perfectly structured for the users so that they can pivot through various data points and indicators and fine tune their searches, providing them immediate access to the most relevant and up-to-date intelligence.

DARKBEAST is used for a number of purposes both internally, by KELA's intelligence analysts, as well as by partners. David Carmiel, KELA's CTO, explains the motivation behind this development. "Our partners use DARKBEAST to support them in investigating threat actors or supply chain threats, enriching vulnerability data, incident response, and much more. We wanted to come up with a way to guide our partners in their research and investigation processes by sharing some of our Dark Net and intelligence expertise with them, without having them rely solely on our analyst services," Carmiel said. "We then realized that creating a set of 'featured queries' through DARKBEAST, could be something very relevant to many of our partners and would also give us a way to push intelligence that is trending in the Dark Net at the moment. We're leveraging this now to keep our partners up to date on COVID-19-related campaigns."  

Currently, some of our Featured Queries include: COVID-19-related campaigns; latest ransomware victims as discussed in the Dark Net; and chatter regarding CVE exploitations. These Featured Queries are rapidly changing in accordance with trends that our analysts are monitoring daily. Carmiel continues, "As a team of primarily intelligence experts, our main goal is not just to provide our technology, but also to be a partner of all of our clients and assist them in their intelligence processes along the way. The Featured Queries essentially allows us to do just that: share our knowledge and make sure that our partners are getting the most out of our technologies."

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