The Red Flag Group announces Supplier Integrity v2.1 release

The Red Flag Group announces Supplier Integrity v2.1 release

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TEMPE, Arizona, May 20, 2020

TEMPE, Arizona, May 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Red Flag Group®, a global leader in providing due diligence reports, data, intelligence and technology solutions, has announced that Supplier Integrity® version 2.1 has been released, and will be available immediately for all existing and incoming clients.

Supplier Integrity® is a technology platform that combines the power of enriched risk research, business intelligence data, and process automation to help supply chain professionals manage the compliance and integrity risk in their supplier portfolio.

The threat to software security and business data has never been as high as seen today. Recognising this concern, The Red Flag Group® has adopted a best-in-class security and authentication platform that will evolve with changing cyber threats to ensure the data and information remains safe and secure.

A few of the many improvements to the foundation of the platform include updates to the Single Sign-On (SSO) feature, supporting a wider set of popular identity providers, making it easier for users to access Supplier Integrity® with their corporate login. This feature is particularly beneficial in simplifying the onboarding experience for new employees giving them a streamlined login process, and further protects the platform security by controlling access through standard corporate user management policies. Additionally, clients can further secure access with a wide range of new Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) providers. MFA technology nearly eliminates the threat of password attacks, preventing unauthorised platform access. These are but a few of the many steps that The Red Flag Group® continues to take to ensure data security and to protect against cyber threats.

"This release represents our commitment to protecting your data and ensuring the security of the Supplier Integrity® environment so that you can focus on your supply chain integrity programme, with the confidence that your data and information is secure," said Rich Hoffecker, Product Director at The Red Flag Group®.

The Red Flag Group® continues to provide ways for business leaders to make better decisions when working with key stakeholders. The upgrades made to Supplier Integrity® ensure that users have a seamless experience when using the platform to identify and minimise risk within their supply chain.

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