Glasswall Launches Its Cloud-Hosted File Regeneration Service

Glasswall Launches Its Cloud-Hosted File Regeneration Service

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LONDON, May 20, 2020

Delivering unparalleled CDR performance at scale, Rebuild API is a low cost, serverless service that regenerates safe, clean and visually identical files in seconds.

LONDON, May 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Glasswall, a leading Content Disarm and Reconstruction (CDR) company, today announced the launch of Rebuild API, a cloud-hosted service that allows organisations to safely and securely import files and documents.

Wherever files are imported or stored, the threat of malicious data is constant. Whether from Active Content such as macros, JavaScript, embedded files or structural deviations from the published format specification, malware has no shortage of places to hide. This risk has been elevated as more employees work remotely, sharing files from home. Glasswall's patented and award-winning technology meets that challenge.

Validated and deployed by governments and intelligence communities worldwide, Rebuild API verifies file types, resolves structural issues and removes high-risk Active Content by policy. Files are regenerated in seconds with a comprehensive analysis report delivered with each regenerated file. 

Hosted on either dedicated or shared customer environments, Rebuild API is easily integrated into any business process where organisations need to safely import files. Use cases are wide-ranging and include document-sharing for law firms and collection of documents for regulatory requirements by financial institutions. Priced by volume, Rebuild API is available on the Glasswall Store ( and AWS marketplace, and can be hosted in any AWS data centre globally. 

Danny Lopez, Glasswall CEO said, "Simply put, no other CDR technology matches Glasswall's effectiveness and reliability. Our battle-hardened core engine is already trusted and deployed by the world's most security-conscious organisations and Rebuild API now brings that unparalleled capability to businesses across the world as a cloud service."

Dinis Cruz, CISO and SVP Engineering added, "Glasswall's Rebuild API makes our technology more widely available to security teams, systems integrators and developers, and represents a major milestone for the company. We look forward to collaborating with our clients and partners to make their products and services even more secure."

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About Glasswall 

Validated and deployed by intelligence agencies around the world, Glasswall is the leader in field of Content Disarm and Reconstruction. It's patented d-FIRST™ methodology creates safe, clean and visually identical files, mitigating the risk of malicious documents. Glasswall enables organisations to open, store and share files with confidence.

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