RCTCC: Leading Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Leaders Issue Letter to Downing Street Over Government Legislation

RCTCC: Leading Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Leaders Issue Letter to Downing Street Over Government Legislation

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LONDON, May 20, 2020

In their letter the rabbis express the growing anxiety and concern within the ultra-orthodox Jewish community in light of the Government rulings, which are contrary to Jewish Torah laws

LONDON, May 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Seventeen leading rabbis have united to deliver a letter to Downing Street where they draw attention to the fear and anxiety felt within the Jewish community regarding legislations due to come into effect in September 2020. The new curriculum for (RSE) and Health Education is set to become mandatory later this year.

Photo of the senior Rabbis beginning of 2019 @ UKParliament to discuss issues affecting the education of Orthodox Jewish Schools in UK

This statutory guidance is in addition to the 'The Independent School Standards' issued in 2019 and several DFE laws. The latter instructs schools how to teach creationism of the world, other lifestyles and religions, and integrating to a level which can bring an element of assimilation. These and others are contrary to Jewish faith, and raise the prospect of creating significant hardships.

The rabbis point out that the Jewish tradition and laws cannot be negotiated or compromised, and Jewish people are obligated to follow the Torah without any alteration whatsoever.

In their letter, the leading rabbis declare that: "We shall not diverge in the slightest degree from our faith, nor from the traditional Torah method of education handed down to us from earlier generations. Under no circumstances shall we adapt to accept any ideas that are contrary to our faith and our Holy Torah, or contrary to the traditional form of education handed down to us by our ancestors."

"The education of our young is an inseparable service, part of our service to Almighty G-D, and just like our divine prayers within the Synagogue, these are matters that can only be governed by rabbinic authority and not by the secular world."

The letter is signed by 17 of the leading ultra-orthodox rabbis in London, including the elderly Rabbi E. Schlesinger (99) who are in charge of the large ultra-orthodox Jewish communities in London.

The rabbis conclude their letter with a plea to the government, to respect Jewish people as loyal citizens of England, and that their human rights should be protected.

RCTCC is the Rabbinical Committee of the Traditional Charedi Education in UK (with Senior Rabbis on board.)

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