KELA Extends Intelligence Monitoring Capabilities with Access to Instant Messaging Groups & Real-Time Image Searching

KELA Extends Intelligence Monitoring Capabilities with Access to Instant Messaging Groups & Real-Time Image Searching

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TEL AVIV, Israel, May 21, 2020

KELA's Threat Hunting Platform Helps Partners Automatically Detect Threats from Images in Instant Messaging Groups

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- KELA announced today the capability of automatically searching through images and chatter in instant messaging groups, through DARKBEAST, their proprietary Dark Net threat hunting platform. The expansion of KELA's data lake to include instant message groups, such as closed Telegram groups and Discord channels, is meant to provide partners and clients with added intelligence from different high-quality and curated sources.


KELA's DARKBEAST allows enterprises and law enforcement agencies to retrieve unique and relevant intelligence straight from the Dark Net in real time. KELA's technologies go further than just enabling users to search for text within these instant messaging groups. Threats actors are often attempting to hinder detection efforts by posting sensitive content within images instead of outright in text, therefore KELA's experts understood that making these images searchable is essential. Now, DARKBEAST automatically identifies images containing a keyword searched, making images fully searchable for users.

Irina Nesterovsky, Head of Research at KELA, explains the nature of the sources that are cached into KELA's data lake to be automatically monitored. "The Dark Net is quite a tricky term that's commonly used in the threat intelligence sector. At KELA, when we say Dark Net, what we are really referring to is any source that provides valuable and relevant intelligence for our partners," explains Nesterovsky. "We understood the value of intelligence that can be found in instant messaging groups, and even more so in images posted in them, so we immediately decided that we need to create a way for our partners to have access to this type of intelligence."

KELA shares that since they've begun monitoring instant messaging groups they've been seeing a wide variety of illicit activities occurring in these groups that could very well serve their entire client base, from enterprises in the private sector, to law enforcement agencies, and other organizations in the public sector. These activities range from chats where actors are selling stolen credit cards and checks, compromised credentials and PII, and even breached servers. These platforms have also turned into an excellent platform for actors to share hacking methods and information on other topics of interest. KELA guarantees that these capabilities are just as significant for law enforcement agencies. KELA's experts have detected thousands of images of forged documents and drugs for sale, as well as propaganda in different extremist groups. Here, KELA says that they have been yielding great results for their clients, and that many of these activities would likely have remained undetected if not for DARKBEAST's image-searching capabilities.

KELA does not stop after the automatic detection phase. KELA's tools allow further interactions with threat actors to gain more actionable intelligence from them. By doing so, KELA fulfills their commitments of providing 100% actionable intelligence to all partners.

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