Easy Payment Gateway: Why the Gambling Sector Has Grown During the COVID-19 Crisis

Easy Payment Gateway: Why the Gambling Sector Has Grown During the COVID-19 Crisis

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LONDON, June 2, 2020

LONDON, June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The extraordinary situation in which we find ourselves as a result of the COVID-19 crisis has led to a temporary sale decline in many economic sectors, but has also led to an increases in others. Industries such as pharmaceuticals, food and technology have seen an increase in turnover in recent months.

However, other sectors have also been able to adapt the products and services that they offer to meet the needs of the market. Many businesses have either taken the leap into the online sphere or strengthened their existing resources in this channel in order to lessen the negative effects caused by the pandemic. According to statistics provided by Easy Payment Gateway, the Spanish payment services and fraud management aggregator, their clients saw a 10% growth in transaction processing volume compared to the data from the previous month. This was especially evident within the gambling sector, in which companies have managed to increase their sales during this period thanks to their vast presence on the internet.

Over the past few weeks, Easy Payment Gateway have been able to observe how many of their customers – especially those in the gambling sector – have asked them to manage their expansion into other markets like Latin America, Asia and some African countries. "Offering products or services in other countries requires a wide variety of payment options, so as not to lose sales in any region," warns Manuel Prieto, CEO of Easy Payment Gateway.

In fact, according to Modularbank data, 83% of UK consumers say that payment technology is a key criterion when making purchases online. In addition, 42% admit that they would abandon a high value transaction if their favourite payment method were not available.

Thanks to the one-of-a-kind technology provided by this Spanish company, it is possible to offer the customer a wide range of payment methods to ensure that their preferred option is available, thus improving their shopping experience which is reflected in increased sales. The Easy Payment Gateway platform offers customers 240 suitable payment methods, of which 190 are alternatives. In addition, they work with 35 bank card processors worldwide, all with a single integration.

"In this extraordinary situation you have to look for solutions that bring in business and help to promote growth, always considering the varying characteristics of each sector. At Easy Payment Gateway, we have a unique, user-friendly payment technology that helps to finalise transactions and facilitates internationalization," concludes Prieto.

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