Motivating Memoirs Featured in LibraryBub Selection for June

Motivating Memoirs Featured in LibraryBub Selection for June

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LOS ANGELES, June 3, 2020

LOS ANGELES, June 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --  LibraryBub is an industry first. Founded in 2015, it is dedicated to making strong, mutual connections between indie and small-press authors and an extensive network of libraries. Imbued with the enthusiasm and ambition of its founder, the bestselling author Alinka Rutkowska, the core commitment of the LibraryBub service, which has been working with all major libraries for four years, is to help librarians to identify acclaimed books from the independent publishing sector. Offering an extensive range of outreach and output, Rutkowska enables thousands of emerging authors to achieve publishing success. 

The June list of outstanding books by self-publishing authors appears below. The selected publications have been enthusiastically received by independent critics and are already proving popular with devotees and newfound readers alike. Some have already become Amazon best sellers in their particular categories. Moreover, the cream of the selected books have won awards within the independent publishing sector. LibraryBub introduces thousands of librarians to bestselling and award-winning books from the independent publishing sector. These books hold immense potential for enhancing the lives of their readers. Acclaimed author Cheryl Strayed explains "My main memory of books in my childhood is one of longing. In elementary school, they used to hand out catalogs from the Scholastic publishing company that allowed you to order books... I never turned in the forms because my family was too poor to pay for the books. It's such a visceral memory, aching for those books! The public libraries and school libraries saved me, as did my mother's bookshelf. I read everything that looked even a little bit interesting." Librarians enable writers to make that kind of difference to people's lives and LibraryBub CEO Alinka Rutkowska is delighted to support them in that role.

Below is June's selection by category.


Literature & Fiction
After December by Kasie Whitener ISBN: 978-1948604536
Cobalt Chronicles by Kathryn Den Houter ISBN: 978-1950659449
The Showdown at San Benito by Roy Calvin Moore ISBN: 978-0996307871

Mystery & Thriller
No Pit So Deep, Part I (Book One of the Cody Musket series) by James Nathaniel Miller II ISBN:
No Pit So Deep, Part II (Book Two of the Cody Musket series) by James Nathaniel Miller II ISBN: 978-0692857311
Knoxi's World (Book Three of the Cody Musket series) by James Nathaniel Miller II ISBN: 978-982019518
Land without Shame (Book Four of the Cody Musket series) by James Nathaniel Miller II ISBN: 978-1729762936

Young Adult
Selo by Doug Setter ISBN: 978-1105082795

The First Day of School by Ann Marie Hannon ISBN: 978-1952244711
A Going Home Surprise by Ann Marie Hannon ISBN: 978-1480877658
The Lost Boys of Lampson (Book Two of the Vancouver Island Mysteries series) by Peter Holland ISBN: 978-1771279185


Biographies & Memoirs
Destination D.C.: a modern-day Jonah? by Ann Rich Duncan ISBN: 978-1545668696
Grabbing Lightning: the messy quest for an extraordinary love by Donald Marrs and Paige Marrs ISBN: 978-0925887030
Toward Happier Choices by Michael Oborn ISBN: 978-1793809193

You Can't Google It!: the compelling case for cross-generational conversation at work by Phyllis Weiss Haserot ISBN: 978-1683505815

Garage Band Theory: tools the pros use to play by ear by Duke Sharp ISBN: 978-0976642008

The Secret To RIGHTsizing: a guide to redesigning your life by SharonAnn Hamilton ISBN: 979-8616778871

Paper Maps, No Apps: an unplugged travel adventure by Johnny Welsh ISBN: 978-0996307895

"I'm very happy to see the results from the LibraryBub promotion were so impressive," says LibraryBub author Charles Veley. "The newsletter got great open and click rates!" He's convinced that "this was a great way to increase discoverability."

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