SwissBorg witnessed a historic week rallying to the Top 100 of CMC

SwissBorg witnessed a historic week rallying to the Top 100 of CMC

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LAUSANNE, Switzerland, June 16, 2020

LAUSANNE, Switzerland, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With the successful launch of its showcase product, the Wealth app, SwissBorg is rising in the crypto market and in growing as a community. The CHSB, an ethereum (ERC20) multi-utility token, is the key to the SwissBorg ecosystem. Recently, it witnessed a historic week rallying to the Top 100 of CMC (the industries' most trusted source).

The SwissBorg Wealth app connects to the biggest crypto exchanges to get you the best price & liquidity available, in milliseconds. Stake CHSB for multiple benefits, including zero fees on Bitcoin transactions.

Token utilities:

  1. Staking: stake CHSB to become Premium Member & pay no commission on Bitcoin and CHSB (available for buy and sell transactions against fiat currencies)‍
  2. Protect and Burn: 20% of the revenues generated from transaction fees will be used to buy back SwissBorg Tokens on the secondary market only when the price arrives in a bearish zone (20-day moving average is our indicator), orders are automatically placed to buy and burn them. The circulating supply will decrease with time while the liquidity will increase‍
  3. Voting Rights: participate in the future of SwissBorg by voting in referendums‍
  4. Meritocracy: earn rewards for contributing to the SwissBorg ecosystem‍

With the CHSB, SwissBorg's multi-utility token, holders can stake to trade Bitcoin for free.

When asked about the recent success of SwissBorg's token, Anthony Lesoismier, SwissBorg's co-founder, responds, "Our community has trusted us since the beginning and we are working very hard to make our vision a reality. We never manipulated the price of the CHSB token nor its volume. Thanks to the support of our community, we see a bright future ahead!"

With a sophisticated financial engine, the Wealth app gives the user the freedom and security to buy Bitcoin and other digital assets easily. The app's Smart Engine analyses hundreds of trading pairs to find the best price execution in local currencies or crypto. The app supports 10 (soon 17) local currencies and is adding new tokens such as USDC.

The fintech, run by a dynamic and diverse team of engineers and professionals, headquartered in Lausanne, conducted one of the most successful ICOs in Switzerland in 2017/18.

Individuals' assets are protected with advanced security, MPC cryptography, and identity verification. The Asset Analysis feature uses AI to provide predictions for each asset on an hourly basis to assist users in their decision making.

In 2018, the start-up created the Community app, a Bitcoin forecasting game, as an educational and community-building tool. More than 100,000 active players, learn from the articles, videos and indicators to better understand the crypto market.

SwissBorg's showcase product was launched this spring in 40 countries and will be in another 70 by July. The SwissBorg Wealth app is a smart wallet available on Android & iOS that puts crypto market expertise in the users' hands. The app creates and executes the best price, with no hidden fees, from multiple exchanges in one unique account.

Download SwissBorg's all-in-one smart wallet, the Wealth app.

Check out the CHSB metrics page

For more information contact or view the electronic press kit.

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