Unique Bluetooth contact tracing card -- first "line of defence" against potential new COVID-19 outbreaks.

Unique Bluetooth contact tracing card -- first "line of defence" against potential new COVID-19 outbreaks.

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SYDNEY, June 16, 2020

Fast, simple and secure: Contact Harald prioritises access to UK residential care facilities for wearable hardware based "best practice" card-to-card contact tracing platform.

SYDNEY, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Best practice in the era of COVID-19 relies upon the timely and trusted application of outbreak management protocols, and UK companies are invited to trial an innovative contact tracing solution.

Presently being piloted across the Asia-Pacific, Contact Harald http://contactharald.com/bus-health is an app-free,  wearable, stand-alone card-to-card based contact tracing system that uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

Designed for "closed environments" – like aged care facilities, food manufacturing factories and fulfilment warehouses – the Australian-designed system records card-to-card interactions within a defined area. Each card records when those wearing a Contact Harald card have been in close proximity (within two metres of each other) for two minutes or longer.

Speed and privacy are of the utmost importance.  When any potential new case of a transmissible disease is identified, memory-based recall can prove problematic.  With Contact Harald, "trace, test and isolate" actions can be undertaken immediately, without having to wait days or weeks trying to manually track down contacts.  

Deidentified proximity data is uploaded securely to an encrypted server with no personal information stored on individual cards.

"Whilst past the peak, the nature of this virus makes getting back to work rather complicated," said Matt Denton, the award-winning former Apple designer behind the Contact Harald platform. 

"With subsequent waves of the pandemic on the cards, I encourage UK businesses to take the time now to trial and install systems to ensure they are properly prepared.

"Designed with speed and accuracy at its heart, this unique platform can quickly identify, contact and isolate any potential sources of infection," said Mr Denton, noting that the striking green Contact Harald cards also offer a visual compliance cue which can help with staff morale and visitor confidence across all industry sectors.

If there is a possible infection spread, Contact Harald snaps into action: data is cross referenced, and alerts can be selectively issued by SMS and/or emails to everyone who was in close contact - all without the need for complicated set-up procedures or expensive IT infrastructure.

Currently establishing a "quick start" system, the Contact Harald UK support team can supply kits of firmware-loaded cards/lanyards, onboarding/uploading videos plus seven-day software access to interested businesses. Trial kits can be requested by emailing heathcare@contactharald.com or by calling +44 7305 222 778.

"We anticipate wide demand for the card-to-card contact tracing kits. Priority will be given to residential care homes, as these have been identified as an area of high risk, "said Mr Denton.

Using simple, practical steps to enhance duty of care, Contact Harald can help safeguard business continuity and viability by:

Request a trial kit today to discover how simple, fast and effective Contact Harald is.

Contact Harald UK Support Team 
Mike McKenna 
Email : heathcare@contactharald.com 
Phone: +44 7305 222 778
Web: http://contactharald.com/bus-health 

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