Hollyland Technology Announces MARS X, a New Wireless Video System for iOS and Android Devices Monitoring

Hollyland Technology Announces MARS X, a New Wireless Video System for iOS and Android Devices Monitoring

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SHENZHEN, China, June 16, 2020

SHENZHEN, China, June 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Hollyland Technology, the world's leading wireless video and audio transmission systems manufacturer for filmmaking, live broadcasting, is pleased to announce the launch of an entry-level wireless HDMI transmission system, MARS X – Born for Stability.

The new MARS X steps forwards from a traditional wireless video transmission system with a full set of transmitter and receiver to a single transmitter wireless video transmission system.

MARS X turns your Phones/Tablets into external monitors by the HollyView App. It supports up to three iOS and Android devices APP monitoring. With this single transmitter product, YouTubers or small production teams that do not need to use an external monitor can easily cut down the cost and add this device to their setup to enable App monitoring for themselves, the client or director.

Firmware Upgrade and Channel Scan are added to the HollyView App on MARS X. Now, users no longer need to use a USB flash and their computer to do the update. While the channel helps users to find out which channels are clean and which ones are with interference in sophisticated WiFi surroundings.

MARS X has a transmission range over 300ft with a clean line of sight (LOS), and a 150ft suggested best performance range with less than 0.07s ultra-low latency. It has eight frequency channel options that can be switched to avoid interference and to ensure a stable wireless transmission.

As previously mentioned, MARS X is designed with collapsible antennas, which provides enhanced transmission performance with the antennas and the portability and convenience without the antennas.

The portable and compact new wireless system is priced with only $179. It is under pre-order until June 10th, 2020 when we plan to have the ready products for the market. 

Hollyland Technology, a technology company that focuses on wireless video transmission and wireless intercom products, aims to provide all our customers with the most economical and efficient wireless solutions and services. Our full product line is divided into THREE categories,

1.       Prosumer Level - MARS SERIES
2.       Professional Level - COSMO SERIES
3.       Systems Integration Level - SYSCOM SERIES

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