Flowmon Releases the Next Generation of Its Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics Solution

Flowmon Releases the Next Generation of Its Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics Solution

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BRNO, Czech Republic, June 23, 2020

Enhanced actionable visibility across all networks, predefined dashboards and user enablement help NetOps teams to align digital objectives with continuously changing business reality.

BRNO, Czech Republic, June 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Flowmon Networks, a global network intelligence company, has announced the general availability of Flowmon 11, ushering in redefined user ergonomics that dramatically streamlines network troubleshooting. Overall enhanced UX helps NetOps teams to keep pace with increasing business demands without trading off performance and reliability of digital environments.


Flowmon 11 Dashboard; Network Performance Monitoring and Diagnostics


Throughout recent years, organizations accelerated the adoption of BYOD, Internet of Things and cloud-first strategy to be more agile and to scale their business better. Hand in hand with unquestionable benefits, these trends have also brought new visibility gaps, intensifying pressure on organizations that want to preserve the performance demanded of their digital environments. Bringing enhanced actionable insights across all networks, fast deployment and no-brainer setup, Flowmon 11 helps to cover visibility gaps and proactively identify and respond to performance incidents.

"Flowmon 11 is a culmination of our effort to bring NetOps teams actionable intelligence with frictionless deployment, easy setup and instant value," says Petr Springl, VP Product & Engineering at Flowmon Networks. "Starting with a redesigned dashboard, an integrated workflow enables NetOps teams to find, analyze and fix issues without a hitch and focus on supporting core business objectives. All of this at scale and across on-premise, datacenter, SDN, cloud and hybrid environment in literally one mouse-click."

Preset Library to Provide Instant Value for Users

In order to minimize the effort, required skillset and time spent on configuring views and dashboard, Flowmon has introduced so-called Presets; a library of pre-defined dashboards for a variety of use cases. Users simply choose the desired preset and get instant access to actionable intelligence, which dramatically streamlines e.g. the monitoring of new services.

Presets reflect the most common needs of Flowmon users, such as monitoring of videoconferencing services, streaming services, utilization of VPM, monitoring of SaaS such as Office 365, G Suite, social networks, as well as a number of enterprise protocols (DNS, DHCP, ...), encrypted traffic analysis and media services. Once applied, Flowmon automatically creates related profiles, report channels, widgets and dashboards.

Amongst other new features, Flowmon 11 delivers simplicity, flexibility and reliability, enabling users to:

Availability and further resources

Flowmon 11 is now available to all Flowmon customers.

Learn more about the new Flowmon 11 in this blog: https://www.flowmon.com/en/blog/flowmon-11-insight-at-your-fingertips

Check out Flowmon's interactive online demo: https://www.flowmon.com/en/try-online-demo

About Flowmon

Flowmon creates a secure and transparent digital environment where people rule the network regardless of its complexity and nature.

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