Leading EU Monitoring and Political Intelligence Providers Announce New Collaboration

Leading EU Monitoring and Political Intelligence Providers Announce New Collaboration

Dods and Polit-X aim to open international markets for both services

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LONDON, June 24, 2020

LONDON, June 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Today sees the launch of a new collaboration between Dods and Polit-X, providing businesses and organisations across Germany with the broadest possible EU monitoring and political intelligence service. With comprehensive coverage of all relevant EU institutional, political and stakeholder sources, the combined service will bring together Dods' extensive expertise on EU affairs via Polit-X.

Launched in time for the beginning of the German Presidency of the Council of the European Union, starting on July 1, 2020, clients will be able to receive digital analysis and German monitoring for Europe, as well as EU insider information and analysis for Germany, making the services strengths available for both home markets.

Dods delivers business-critical market intelligence and analysis for stakeholder management. Our team of expert monitoring consultants produce leading research, insights and news to help clients understand the ever-changing political and public sector landscape. They produce bespoke, up-to-the-minute alerts tailored to client's requirements, ensuring they can understand and react to key policy changes as they occur.

"Dods stands for tradition and reliability. Not only in London but also in Brussels. This is important, especially with background information from the European Union," says Heiko Schnitzler, founder, and CEO of Polit-X. "Both companies complement each other's offerings well. Our clients, politically oriented organizations such as associations, companies, or foundations, do not miss any relevant political developments in the EU on their topic. The synergies for our customers are obvious. Since both companies pursue the same goals, we are glad to act with combined forces in the future", Heiko Schnitzler continues.

Polit-X has been a pioneer in German-language digital policy monitoring and parliamentary analysis since 2007. From the 2019 European elections, the company has also been offering digital analyses of EU policies, institutions, and members of parliament.

Managing Director – Dods Intelligence at Dods Group, Munira Ibrahim says "We are very excited about the opportunity of working with Polit-X, a very well established company in the German market which has an exciting future. Through our new collaboration, we will be able to help even more organisations navigate the ever-changing political landscape of Brussels and Westminster."

Polit-X will from now on offer online services and services also in English, Schnitzler announced.

Notes to Editors

About Dods:

For over 180 years, Dods has provided essential information and connections to the political and public sector arenas. Now one of the UK and EU's leading business intelligence, media and event companies, we are a trusted source of political knowledge and debate through our portfolio of services and iconic media titles.


About Polit-X:

The Polit-X monitoring and analysis make it possible to quickly and easily monitor public and political content, such as the activities of all members of parliament in the Bundestag and in the federal states. As a leading digital company for the observation and analysis of political events, Polit-X enables data-driven and document-based policy monitoring and smart parliamentary analyses. Users currently have access to over 3 million documents in a daily updated database. This enables individual research on all political topics in full text. Combined with the know-how of the users, ad hoc tailor-made analyses can be carried out on Germany and the European Union.



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