Avid Scaler Achieves 10X Profitability in Advertising Industry

Avid Scaler Achieves 10X Profitability in Advertising Industry

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SAN FRANCISCO, June 26, 2020

How does one scale a 5-figure revenue business, and turn it into 9-figures? "By leveraging aggressive scaling," said the founder and CEO of C Media, Arham Muhammad

Through C Media, Arham and his team have helped their clients' 10x the profitability of their businesses

SAN FRANCISCO, June 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Arham Muhammad is the current CEO of C Media, an avid entrepreneur and expert best known for building 9-figure businesses in the advertising sphere. Upon starting C Media in 2012 at the age of 20, he found a way to leverage his knowledge and skills to help celebrities and public figures make their money work better for them. What is less known is Arham's ability to take a business and scale it to 10X profitability very quickly. To date, he has helped bring in over $100M across multiple businesses. "I completely understand and appreciate that business is not linear. But there are times where I have used this to my advantage, especially in the current economic atmosphere. I prefer to focus on aggressive scale right off the bat."

Arham Muhammad

Most entrepreneurs struggle with scaling. It's not easy finding the right people to fit into your company culture and training staff members to the level you require for your business to flourish. Throw in the current pandemic, and scaling remotely has become even trickier. "But it is entirely possible to still be profitable," said Arham. "You just have to have the resilience, courage, and drive to succeed, no matter what obstacles are put in your path."

Arham knows all about overcoming obstacles. In his childhood, due to situations beyond his control, he was thrust into dire circumstances in his country of birth, Pakistan. "There were days when I thought I could not go on, where all of my dreams shattered into a million pieces," he recalls. "Due to my interest in electronics from as young as 7, I turned to computers for solace and to get my mind off what was happening in my personal life and at home."

Between the ages of 12 and 15, Arham explored the world of reverse engineering, cybersecurity, and cyber forensics. He used this knowledge to help find vulnerabilities on some of the world's most well-known websites, such as Sony, AOL, ESPN, Microsoft, and EA. Most of his skills were self-taught and gained via experimentation, self-study, and an in-depth interest in anything related to AI, automation, and IT. "I also occasionally pen tested applications and constantly featured on a lot of security websites, writing proofs of concepts. My interest later helped me build a social media platform similar to Twitter and Facebook called Zstash, which was my first business."

Arham's second business started taking form when it was evident Zstash was not going to make it. He was in his late teens at the time. "I never finished school due to finances. But perhaps I didn't need to since they don't teach you many practical skills in school that are helpful in business. Most of the knowledge and skills that made me a millionaire at 24 was gained through reading, self-study, and practical application. It's extremely important to take action. You can't sit around hoping for some good luck to come your way, you can't let your circumstances define you."

C Media is today a 9-figure business that helps other business owners with advertising and rapidly scaling. The business continues to rake in daily sales well over $100K.

To learn more about C Media, visit https://www.linkedin.com/in/arham-muhammad/

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