Business Reporter: Why Fine Wine Is a Safe Haven for Diversifying Your Portfolio

Business Reporter: Why Fine Wine Is a Safe Haven for Diversifying Your Portfolio

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LONDON, July 7, 2020

LONDON, July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Wine investment often conjures up images of tweedy connoisseurs with dusty cellars full of the finest Bordeaux. But these days, wine is just as likely to be something young entrepreneurs, small business owners or retirees looking to boost their savings.

An article for Business Reporter focuses on this growing marketplace, where companies such as OenoFuture, Europe's fastest-growing wine investment company, are highlighting the benefits of growing a cellar. Wine is a far more stable and safe investment than you might think – Liv-Ex's Burgundy 150, for example, grew by 76.95 per cent over the past five years, a period in which the FTSE 100 dropped by 14.3 per cent.

"Fine wine is an accessible market open to both new and experienced investors alike, thanks to fine wine investment companies like OenoFuture," said OenoFuture's Daniel Walker. "Our investors can enter the market with initial investments that vary from as little as £5,000 to six or seven figures, making it truly an opportunity everyone can benefit from."

Both traditional stocks and shares and newer alternatives have been vulnerable to today's volatile environment. Amazon's value plunged by $31 billion after Tweets from Donald Trump criticising its tax arrangements, while Bitcoin dropped 37 per cent within a 24 hour period in March. The value of wine, on the other hand, is governed by simple supply and demand – and the demand for fine wine is rising as developing countries develop a taste for luxury products. It is an artisanal product, which limits its supply, and every time a bottle is drunk, the value of the remaining vintages only increases.

As with any investment, those planning on putting their money into wine should do their homework, says Walker. But, he adds, one of the things that makes OenoFuture different to other wine investment companies is that it is "centred around making money with our clients, not from our clients." OenoFuture retains a dedicated team of wine experts, whose insider knowledge enables them to source rare bottles directly from wineries, and its unique business model lets investors sell their wines directly to restaurants.

"In seasons of intense fragility, wine offers welcome stability," says Walker. "For new or experienced investors buffeted by current market uncertainties, fine wine can offer a very simple and profitable solution."

To find out more about how OenoFuture is revolutionising wine investment, click here.

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About OenoFuture

Against a backdrop of market turbulence and uncertainty, the fine wine market has performed exceptionally in recent years. Since 2005 fine wine has seen growth of 198%, making it a very attractive safe haven for investors keen to diversify their portfolio. OenoFuture's expert consultants can help you to discover the benefits of investing in this exciting market. We are true pioneers in fine wine investment, trailblazing a path through under-the-radar fine wine regions and revolutionising the way collectors interact with this unique market. OenoFuture provides a personalised advisory service for both newcomers and experienced fine wine collectors. Clients can choose to rely on our expertise to guide them all the way or, alternatively, take a more active role in their fine wine journey with our exceptional tasting events and winery tours.

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