Clinova Doctors Urge UK to Stay Hydrated as Temperature Rises and People Are Urged to Wear Masks in Public Spaces

Clinova Doctors Urge UK to Stay Hydrated as Temperature Rises and People Are Urged to Wear Masks in Public Spaces

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LONDON, July 16, 2020

- Doctors warn about the dangers of poor hydration and the importance of Vitamin D amid ongoing coronavirus pandemic

LONDON, July 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Doctors at science-led consumer healthcare company Clinova are urging everyone to stay hydrated as summer temperatures continue to increase and people are urged to wear masks in public.

Rates of poor hydration rose following the late June heatwave, according to user symptoms reported via Clinova's Caidr diagnostic app and its medical practitioners.

Clinova recently launched a version of its O.R.S Hydration tablets fortified with Vitamin D, a crucial nutrient for maintaining a healthy immune system. The leading Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition has stated that taking a Vitamin D supplement can improve patient response to acute respiratory tract infections, such as COVID-19.[1]

While drinking water is crucial to staying well, especially in warmer weather, Clinova's O.R.S Sport Hydration Tablets support hydration by providing additional electrolytes. This means that by adding a soluble tablet to their usual drink, people can keep more hydrated for longer, helping reduce the risk of poor hydration and its complications.

Formulated to World Health Organization standards, Clinova's O.R.S Hydration Tablets add an electrolyte mix to water that helps the human body quickly absorb fluids, restoring an optimal level of hydration.

Dr Tom Bracewell, Chief Medical Officer, said: "While the current hot weather may seem like a breath of fresh air following weeks of what has felt for some a little claustrophobic, lockdown now might seem the perfect time to soak up some summer heat. But in warm weather our risk of poor hydration rises, so it becomes more important to keep ourselves hydrated. This is an important part of staying healthy, especially when the body is faced with challenges such as extreme heat or illness.

O.R.S. tablets are now widely available both in shops and online. Stockists include Holland and Barrett, Boots, Amazon, Wiggle, Morrisons and local pharmacies across the UK.

In addition to O.R.S, Clinova's FFP2 Covaflu respirator masks are helping meet the increasing demand for PPE. Clinova has also released an updated version of its digital healthcare app Caidr, which, in addition to helping users assess common medical issues, offers an innovative way to promote social distancing and keep vulnerable people safe.

[1] Rapid review: Vitamin D and acute respiratory tract infections June 2020

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