Hotel and Hospitality Institutes are using Hozpitality to publish and share online Hospitality Courses and Educational opportunities around the world

Hotel and Hospitality Institutes are using Hozpitality to publish and share online Hospitality Courses and Educational opportunities around the world

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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, July 28, 2020

Top Hospitality and Travel Management Colleges and Universities from North America, Europe and Asia have already joined and more are joining daily

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, July 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Education is pivotal to one's success, a requisite to one's career and life journey. The epitome of one's destiny which will decide their future. The academic graph from grade one to eight is natural but the road ahead is tricky. From grade nine to twelve, the fear of choosing subjects haunts the minds of parents and students. Back in the time, there were only a few options to choose and everyone had to stick with it but as the commercialization gained momentum and countries became global, students now have prerogative to choose the subjects they like. Students dread about the career opportunities as soon as they graduate Grade 11, they fear about the perfect GPA and SAT score and so on. It's year 12 when they need to fill out the university forms and rely on the lucky charm to get their preferred university. The choice of university and program decides their future, the decision-making part is quite intense.

For Example, if one dreams to be a physician, they will choose science as their preferred subject and later in the future, choose similar competitions and universities which leads their career path to become a physician in the future. They can aspire to study locally or Internationally based on factors like university ranking, quality of education, finances etc. Commercialization and globalization both have played a significant growth in hospitality. People travel for business and leisure, with the ample choices of airplane services, traveling is not difficult these days and social media posts have made it mandatory for people to travel across the world.

As the hospitality and tourism industry grew, hotel management colleges started sprawling on the map of the Earth. More and more students were now choosing this sector after Grade 12, hospitality is an art, it's an area where one can interact with other people and travel anywhere in the world to work. The hospitality industry doesn't limit itself to hotels, but airlines, restaurants, resorts, cruise-ships, spa, nightclubs, cinema, retail, malls, travel agencies are all a part of it. If a student chooses to study hotel management, they can choose to work in any of the mentioned sectors, anywhere in the world. There are some prestigious universities that teach hotel management courses which are quite popular in this field. For example, hotel schools in Europe and North America are favored and accepted for jobs later in renowned brands.

"We saw there was a huge demand in this sector, recession or no recession, academic sessions will always continue. Hotel Management schools in Europe and North America recruit students from Middle East and Asian markets and we have a strong base there. We decided to club Students and hotel management schools on for an opportunity where aspiring students can reach the potential institute of their interest through the website. We decided to give them a platform where they can ask as many questions they want and connect directly with their mentors. Our initiative is to provide a chain of opportunities for students to join, choose preferred universities, connect with their alumni, find jobs and stay connected through one portal", says Raj Bhatt, CEO of Hozpitality Group.

"Canada is a preferred choice for students today, they want to come and study in Canadian colleges and later find jobs in Canadian hospitality industry. Canada is the land for immigrants, the option of choosing Canada can never go wrong. We wanted to provide a platform to Hotel Management colleges in Canada and America to list their courses in a platform which reaches International students who they can recruit later. Many hotels in Middle East are now looking to recruit final year students for internships, we wanted to give them a platform where they can connect with their future employers through the website and apply for suitable job roles," says Vandana Bhatt, Managing Director, Hozpitality Group.

"The new portal was launched in early May and since then we have gained 500 companies posting their jobs and 50 institutes posting their courses globally. There are institutes from Canada and America posting their courses to International students and people are already applying for them. Some of the courses are advanced online courses which is good for the fellow hospitality professionals as well. There are various diploma and management courses, culinary and F&B courses that are already listed on and more institutes are joining on daily basis. If you are a hotel management institute based in any part of the world, we invite you to join the largest hospitality community in the world, join," says Raj Bhatt.

About Hozpitality Group

Hozpitality is an online platform for professionals from Hotels, Restaurants, Airlines, Travel agencies, Clubs, Cruise Lines, Cinemas, Spas, Schools, Suppliers and Retail. Hozpitality offers Branding options, A Community Network for Employers and Job seekers, a directory of Hospitality Suppliers, Latest Hospitality News, Hotel News, Movements and Appointments and Hospitality Announcements Hotel Industry Recruitment, Professional CV designing, Hospitality Courses etc. We provide an effective platform where all hospitality professionals can come together, network and benefit. offers a selection of best Hotel Management Institutes, Schools and Universities and Hotel management Courses. Hospitality Students can search and apply for Hotel management Courses and join the School's Alumni and network with their colleagues. Hozpitality also offers a Market Place for Hospitality Suppliers where Hospitality Products, Services, Offers and Deals can be listed and sold to millions of Global Hospitality professionals.

Hozpitality consists a database of over 1 million registered hospitality professionals in in its 2 websites, – "Dedicated hospitality website for Jobs in Middle East, Africa and Asia" and – "Dedicated hospitality networking group". Apart from the registered candidates Hozpitality we reaches out to over 1 million professionals through monthly email marketing from over 186 countries.

The dedicated hospitality networking group, publishes and shares Latest Hospitality News, Announcements, Hotel openings, Promotions, Events, Hospitality Movements and Appointments and Hospitality announcements, Reviews, Blogs etc. We provide an effective platform where all hospitality professionals can unite, network, benefit and share.

Hozpitality Consulting is a Global Executive Search consultancy based out of Toronto, Canada. Our success lies in building a long term relationship and delivering results quickly and efficiently for a "much lower cost". We are experts in locating the best possible suitable executive and management candidates for placements in all types of hospitality organizations around the world. Through our matchless database, communication and networking, over the world, we provide our clients with the most skillful candidates.

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