Clinova reveals Top 5 UK locations for face mask sales revealed ahead of new rules

Clinova reveals Top 5 UK locations for face mask sales revealed ahead of new rules

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LONDON, July 29, 2020

One of the UK's largest sellers of FFP2 respirator-masks has shown that London and Yorkshire top the polls as the biggest buyers of masks ahead of tightened face-covering rules

LONDON, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- New figures from UK consumer healthcare company Clinova, makers of the Covaflu FFP2 respirator mask, have shown the most popular locations in the UK for buying masks.

The top 5 areas for mask sales as identified by Clinova when analysing the thousands of orders received since the new rules were announced are: 

  1. London 18.8%
  2. Yorkshire 9.2%
  3. Surrey 7.4%
  4. Kent 4.1%
  5. Hampshire 3.8%

This data comes as it is now compulsory for shoppers in England to wear face masks in enclosed spaces, such as shops and takeaways. Face coverings have already been made mandatory on public transport.

The figures show a wide distribution of orders across the UK in a clear indication that people everywhere are taking stock of the message that mask-wearing is an important factor in beating coronavirus. The areas that bought the least masks (excluding areas with low populations) included Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Tyne and Wear.

London has recorded the largest number of orders, accounting for almost 20% of the total. While Clinova has sold its masks to almost every geographical area of the UK, the statistics show that major urban centres nationwide are hotspots for sales.

Clinova Chief Strategy Officer, John Honey, said: "It is great to see that right across the country, the message that wearing a mask will help slow the spread of coronavirus is getting across. The concentration of orders we have seen around urban centres, not just in the top 5 areas but in locations such as Greater Manchester and the West Midlands, gives an indication that people in cities feel less confident of their ability to always stay socially distanced, so are seeking the extra protection of a respirator mask. Covaflu is designed not just to filter out risks, but to be more comfortable to wear for long periods, which is why many healthcare workers buy it to use in clinical settings."

Unlike simple face coverings, respirator masks such as Covaflu FFP2 are particle-filtering face masks, which can help protect against smaller particles.

Covaflu masks are available at a variety of retailers. To get 30% off, go to using code CLINOVA30.


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