Queensway Academy Launches new Website

Queensway Academy Launches new Website

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LONDON, July 29, 2020

Company seeks to provide valuable financial education 

LONDON, July 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Queensway Academy, an online company has just announced the launch of its brand new website.

The website will contain various courses, videos, online webinars and downloadable content meant to educate people in the world of online trading and investment.

"In this day and age, we believe people ought to be better informed about how to handle their financials," explains company spokesman Mike Tindall. "Too many accept the state of their account as "fait accompli", unaware that there are options around that would help them better their standing, which is what Queensway Academy seeks to remedy through its curriculum."

Opening Financial Markets to All

The Queensway Academy curriculum is specifically aimed to allow people of all walks of life and levels of financial knowledge improve their understanding of various markets and options that exist within the financial realm. People need to understand that here are many more ways to invest than to simply leave the money lying about in a savings account Queensway seeks to de-mystify this area of finance and provide a slowly progressive path towards understanding and financial independence.

Queensway Academy students can select from a variety of packages available, each containing different components of the curriculum. The Basic package is available for free and provides valuable basic information to help get students started along the path towards financial independence.

More advanced packages are aimed at those who choose to become truly proficient in the craft and dive deep into the trading realm, while maintaining a tone of simplicity to help ease interested parties into the more complex issues and terms.

All Queensway Academy students can then upgrade at any time, instantly enjoying the benefits of their new package.

The Personal Approach

The Queensway Academy has invested greatly in its staff of advisors, all of whom have vast experience in the financial realm. They serve, not only as the main contact point for customers to aid with any issues they may have, but also to provide advice and helpful information as part of the learning process, with advanced packages offering such consultations without any limitations on their number or frequency.

Customers that graduate all courses and prove their abilities may also have the opportunity to themselves become paid mentors, thus completing the cycle and helping others through the very difficulties they faced not long ago, helping bring yet another dimension of innovation to the way Queensway has chosen to help the public become better aware of their financial options.

About Queensway Academy

The Queensway Academy is an online financial trading academy established in 2019 in London. It caters to the needs of both new and veteran traders through a curriculum of video lessons, additional reading articles, eBooks and webinars – all curated and presented by a staff of experienced professionals. Under the assumption that a growing percentage of the workforce is orienting towards independently administered microjobs and freelance work, the creators of the academy believe more and more people eventually will be forced to take personal charge of their personal finances and – indeed – retirement planning. Thus, beyond the actual act of trading, Queensway believes that people must have a fundamental understanding of how financial markets operate before they venture forth into the act of independent investing.

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