Korea Skincare Bueno Meditech MGF Peptide Line Expanding into Russia

Korea Skincare Bueno Meditech MGF Peptide Line Expanding into Russia

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SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 24, 2020

Our patented ingredients systematically help for anti-aging.

SEOUL, South Korea, Aug. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The K-Beauty craze, part of the Korean Wave, continues to expand across Russia. It is why Russian imports of Korean cosmetics grew about nine-fold in five years from $15.51 million in 2014 to $137.31 million in 2019. Thanks to the Korean Wave cosmetics fever in Russia, Korean skincare brand Bueno Meditech is selling the Silver Line following its popular Black Line. It announced that the MGF Peptide Red Line Series will launch new stem-cell cosmetics in Russia as its flagship product.

Bueno Meditech

The brand Bueno Meditech stands for Beauty, Unique, Eco (EWG), Natural, Organic. As the brand name implies, in order to help maintain beauty by utilizing natural and safe raw materials as much as possible, Professor S and professional researchers of C Meditech have conducted research for more than a decade. This study is characterized by the use of peptides (Neuro Peptide, Phytopeptide, Octapeptide, Tri-peptide) which are the key patented ingredients extracted from MGF stem cells conditioned media (EGF, KGF, IGF, bFGF, TGF, VEGF). These ingredients are particularly effective in preventing skin aging and improving wrinkles.

The word is spreading widely as these innovative products, combining six MGFs working in synergy, can be used anywhere in the world.

The MGF Peptide Series of Bueno Meditech are the products that best embody these characteristics. They assist in regenerating skin cells and healing external wounds, as they improve wrinkles and relieve aging symptoms. The anti-aging effects are maximized after each stage of your skincare routine, by combining the different characteristics of each product.

The BUENO MGF Peptide Red Line Series was launched as the foundation of base care and is used by 8,000 dermatologists in Korea.

BUENO MGF Peptide Toner contains 74% of galactomyces, a purely fermented ingredient, to double the effects of peptides and to shrink the stretched pores to remove traces of skin aging. The emulsion helps ease skin troubles with tea tree leaf extracts. BUENO MGF Peptide Serum with the most concentrated MGF ingredients in the series boosts skin regeneration and the eye cream provides vitality and nourishment to the skin with peptide and tomato callus extracts, adding moisture and elasticity to the skin.

Maria, Manager at Bueno Meditech, showed confidence and stated, "The BUENO MGF Peptide Red Line uses only certified ingredients, obtaining the highest grade of EWG (Environmental Working Group) suitable for sensitive skin use." She also announced that it is scheduled to open an offline store saying, "Bueno Meditech products will now be available for purchase at Gold Apple AFI Mall in Moscow."

You can also become familiar with the BUENO MGF Peptide Red Line by Bueno Meditech, which studies skin regeneration for skin healing wounded by external irritation.

Bueno products can be purchased at:

  1. https://patchandgo.ru
  2. https://tbchoice.com
  3. aleucos.ru
  4. mykorline.ru
  5. https://bovileva.com.ua
  6. buenorus.com

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