Taf-Heem Mask is the first to adhere to the new Dubai Municipality standard for fabric masks

Taf-Heem Mask is the first to adhere to the new Dubai Municipality standard for fabric masks

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DUBAI, UAE, Aug. 25, 2020

- Taf-heem Masks are the first fabric, re-useable, anti bacterial/anti viral masks that adhere to the regulations and standard set by Dubai Municipality for fabric masks

DUBAI, UAE, Aug. 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Taf-heem Group is proud to announce the first ever reusable antibacterial/antiviral protective fabric masks that meet the new standard set by Dubai Municipality laboratory in the region.   

Taf-heem masks are made of premium Dri-Fit fabric which is also used by professional sports athletes as it is a high performance polyester fabric with microfibre, which is easy to use, fast drying and can be washed up to 150 times without affecting the performance or quality. The main feature of this breathable coated mask is its active protection which includes an antimicrobial shield against viruses and bacteria. The masks also have the option of a unique zip function that allows wearers to utilize easier breathing in hot conditions or drink water. The Smart971 offers full protection, minimizes cross-contamination, sweat-resistant, comfortable fit and a sustainable eco-friendly alternative due to ease of washing and reuse.

The new standard set by Dubai Municipality was recently published in order to create sustainable safe option for the public, since wearing a mask has become a new norm and part of everyday life. The standard will regulate quality, care, protection, breathability, fabric, filtration, durability and labelling. This will ensure that the public are not duped by false adverts or packaging either. This process and testing is a highly detailed study undertaken by the Dubai Municipality for private and public sector. Stringent quality standards ensure that the information regarding Taf-heem fabric masks have been validated and certified. Aside from the standards set Taf-heem masks have the additional bonus of having antibacterial and Antiviral properties that are resilient up to 150 washes.

Commenting on the success of being the first fabric mask to achieve this standard in the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Mualla Member of Board  of Taf-heem Group said: "We are extremely proud to be the first fabric mask to achieve this standard in the region. Our aim, as a proud UAE company is to promote standards and regulations where the public can buy our mask and know that we have gone to these extra lengths to test and compile a case study before marketing to the public. We are the first and only fabric mask to be approved to date that adheres to all the standards set by Dubai Municipality.

"Taf-heem aims to promote a preventative solution that is green, sustainable alternative for the environment. As masks now have to be worn everyday, we would like our wearers to know that what we advertise is verified."

As schools and other institutions have now started to operate, Taf-heem masks provide an option where masks can be branded to be a part of a uniform of schools, institutes, corporate, private and public sector. Taf-heem Group has now launched a new comfort range that has antibacterial/antiviral properties with a filter pocket that allows users to create their own protection level. This option is cost effective and affordable and comes in several colours.  

Our mission is to create an option that is durable and a preventative alternative that will assist to reduce landfill issues following the Covid 19 pandemic and a perfect substitute for the daily disposable masks. Taf-heem Group are also launching lab coats, uniforms and abayas with the same antibacterial and antiviral properties to support the #staysafe prevention plan.

The different types of Taf-heem Smart971 masks available are: the VIP (AED 99), Standard (AED 85) , Comfort with filter pouch insert (AED 49) and Kids (AED 39). Care instructions of the mask are to handwash with household soap, dry naturally and avoid tumble drying. Prayer Mat (AED 199).

Link to the Images: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fsdvxfq3knabcpn/Taf-heem%20Mask%20-%20Press%20Release.jpg?dl=0

Certification: https://bit.ly/Taf-heem_DubaiMunicipality

Website: www.smart971.com

For more information, contact: info@taf-heem.com

About SMART971 Taf-heem masks

Smart971 powered by Taf-heem brings to the market, the first UAE tested thin breathe-easy mask with antimicrobial properties that allows you to eat and drink without removing your shield. Designed for your comfort and well-being, our reusable masks are created with an innovative dri-fit fabric, ensuring you feel comfortable in the summer months. All our masks are Nano-Coated, giving you the highest Antiviral and Antibacterial protection so that viruses and bacteria stay at bay. With the same technology, we have also launched the Taf-heem prayer mat that gives the same long term protection from germs, bacteria and viruses.

Website: http://www.smart971.com/




About Taf-heem and Taf-heem Medical

TAF-HEEM is a program as per the UAE standard that provides awareness, education, and guidance prior to leaving your country of origin via pre orientation education programs. Taf-heem aim is to reduce the cost of migration by offering training/skill set programs and a centralised dashboard of data to rate workers CVs/skills and agent performance in order to regulate costs of migration. The aim is to educate workers on their rights and well-being so they can make an educated decision about working abroad before they leave their home country.

TAF-HEEM Medical trading also under Taf-heem group was created as a result of the pandemic in order to diversify strategy and future business to create the TAF-HEEM #preventionplan. This plan starts with providing PCR testing using only UAE approved products, Taf-heem insurance covering repatriation and tourists with the correct insurance according to UAE immigration standards and then provision of a long term sustainable protective Taf-heem mask which can be used to fly or to work without the expense or inconvenience of disposable masks and lastly the Taf-heem prayer mat which offers the same antibacterial/antiviral  protection to allow you to fulfil prayers using a sustainable preventative alternative to disposable mats.

TAF-HEEM aims to enhance the importance of raising awareness and guidance with extensive Pre-departure orientation programs, Skilled training and low cost migration and now encompassing the consequences of Covid19, the Taf-heem #preventionplan hopes to rebuild confidence to continue with everyday normal life and ambitions.


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