Hozpitality explores the requirements for hospitality professionals to be able to apply for Hotel jobs in Canada

Hozpitality explores the requirements for hospitality professionals to be able to apply for Hotel jobs in Canada

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DUBAI, UAE, Aug. 27, 2020

Canadian hospitality companies seek to employ Citizens and Permanent Residents   

DUBAI, UAE, Aug. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Canada is a land of opportunities, a land of prospects. Canada has now become the first choice and permanent destination across the world for people of color and creed. Since Canada is rich in natural wonders, it is a perfect tourist destination in the world. The tourism industry in Canada is picking up, so as the hospitality industry. Homegrown hotel chains, renowned hotels, and brands are sprawling from coast to coast to coast. Most of the school boards and universities in Canada are now teaching Hospitality and Tourism courses.

"A professional who wants to work in the hospitality and tourism industry in Canada must have a Permanent Residence before applying to any of the jobs" says Vandana Raj Bhatt, MD, Hozpitality.com. Canadian companies seek to employ citizens and permanent residents and do not entertain people applying from abroad at all. Interested people, can apply for a student visa and study at one of Canada's reputed universities to study hospitality and tourism and join the workforce later. If the age is passed and they are no longer a student, they can apply for Permanent Residence through an immigration consultant in their countries. One should be attempted to make necessary background checks of any immigration company before entrusting their valuable documents and money, adds Vandana.

The permanent Residence process takes a few months to years depending on the profile and country they are applying from. "There are not enough opportunities for Work Permits in Canada so one should refrain from agents who are selling jobs in Canada to earn money", adds Raj Bhatt, CEO, Hozpitality Group.

"Everyone who applies must clear IELTS before submitting their application, English is Canadas first language so one needs to ascertain their knowledge in English, polish their spoken English as they prepare" says Raj. Canada is a multi-cultural country and English plays an important role in the professional realm. Social and corporate behaviour is vital in hospitality and tourism, brushing their skills while one awaits the process recommended. Once they receive their permanent residency, they can then land in Canada and then approach the industry for suitable jobs. Upon arrival in Canada, one must be willing to adjust to the Canadian lifestyle and culture. Engage their time in volunteer activities whenever possible is a key to make new connections in Canada. Canadian hospitality companies recruit through various job boards, companies, and references, added Raj. 

Hozpitality Group has recently launched their website www.hozpitality.com in the North American market. Hotel groups like Sandman, Del Suites, and Wyndham are already using the platform to advertise their jobs and announcements for the Hospitality industry in Canada. Hospitality jobs in Canada could range from hotels, restaurants, clubs, spas, casinos, airlines, cruise lines, travel agencies, retail, etc. While Ontario is the hub for hotels, restaurants, and casinos, British Columbia also serves the cruise industry. The scope of work is prodigious when it comes to the industry.

Raj added, the basic rule remains the same, one must be a permanent resident or a Canadian Citizen to apply for any hotel and hospitality jobs in Canada. The future is proposing, Canada is a phenomenal country to raise children and family. The best is to start early in life, it is easier to adapt to challenges. It conventionally takes up to five good years to make a good life in Canada and once one is settled, they wouldn't want to ever leave the country. 

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