Steely Biographies and Memoirs Featured in LibraryBub Selection for September

Steely Biographies and Memoirs Featured in LibraryBub Selection for September

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LOS ANGELES, Sept. 1, 2020

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- LibraryBub is dedicated to making strong, mutual connections between indie and small-press authors and an extensive network of libraries. An industry first, founded in 2015, it is imbued with the enthusiasm and ambition of its founder, the bestselling author Alinka Rutkowska. The core commitment of the LibraryBub service, which is working with all major libraries, is to help librarians to identify acclaimed books from the independent publishing sector. Offering an extensive range of outreach and output, Rutkowska enables thousands of emerging authors to achieve publishing success.

The September list of outstanding books by self-publishing authors appears below. The selected publications have been very well received by independent critics and are already proving popular with devotees and newfound readers alike. Some have already become Amazon best sellers in their particular categories, while the leading books have won awards within the independent publishing sector. LibraryBub introduces thousands of librarians to bestselling and award-winning books from the independent publishing sector. These books hold immense potential for enhancing the lives of their readers. Bestselling crime writer Sam Millar recalls how, through reading comics, he coped as a child of a family which had been abandoned by his mentally-ill mother. "The comics educated me. I was lucky enough to have Belfast Public Library right down at the bottom of the street. That's where I escaped to. I'd go into the library and become Tintin or somebody, and I'd just go back up to the house and become Spiderman. I was just trying to escape the poverty I was living under… It saved me as a wee lad." Librarians enable writers to make that kind of difference to people's lives and LibraryBub CEO Alinka Rutkowska considers it a privilege to support them in that role.

Below is September's selection by category.


Literature & Fiction

A Life Singular (Book One of the series A Life Singular) by Lorraine Pestell ISBN: 978-0648733515

Mystery & Thriller

Steel Force (Book One of the Jack Steel Thriller series) by Geoffrey Saign ISBN: 978-1070553894


Blooms of War by Suzanne Tierney ISBN: 978-1735288307

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Bud by the Grace of God (Book Two of the Grace Lord series) by S.E. Sasaki ISBN: 978-0994790538


Charm: an amazing story of a little black cat by Leyla Atke ISBN: 978-1939484338

The First Day of School by Ann Marie Hannon ISBN: 978-1952244711

Growing Up, Poetry by Jennelle L. White ISBN: 978-0997861235

Nouns (Book Two of the Dudley & Friends series) by Lori Brown ISBN: 978-1949711288


Biographies & Memoirs

Irma Brings Love by Maureen A. Peters ISBN: 978-1644162866

Sex, Drugs and Rocking Code: the uncensored autobiography of an anonymous programmer by Paul W. Carter ISBN: 978-1943386963 

The Undertaker: a memoir of the first woman funeral director in the core of Brooklyn by Laura Del Gaudio ISBN: 978-1950584116


Designed to Win: what every business needs to know to go truly global (DHL's 50 years) by Po Chung ISBN: 978-1943386505

The Financially Independent Millennial: how I became a millionaire in my thirties by Rick Orford ISBN: 978-1943386482

Health & Fitness

Drink CBD, Stop Pain by Gregory Arana ISBN: 978-1657383173

Health, Family & Lifestyle

How to Live to 100: secrets from the world's happiest centenarians by Elizabeth Lopez ISBN: 978-1943386550

Politics & Social Science

New Yorkers: a feisty people who will unsettle, madden, amuse and astonish you by Clifford Browder ISBN: 978-1733378208

Religion & Spirituality

Thrive: applying biblical and quantum energy principles to live a transformed life by Robin Perry Braun ISBN: 978-1949711547


The Art of Good Enough: the working mom's guilt-free guide to thriving while being perfectly imperfect by Ivy Ge ISBN: 978-1640859517


Kids Cooking: kid friendly kitchen safety tips by Terri B. Jones ISBN: 978-1544618890

Predator Plants: 20 questions kids ask about carnivorous plants by Yvonne Krishnan ISBN: 978-1546387411

Novelist Ann Rich Duncan was very grateful for LibraryBub's efforts in promoting her inspirational book about her husband's transformation. "Getting Destination D.C.: a Modern-Day Jonah? onto ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates as a riveting memoir lends credence to the information in our new brochure." She was also impressed with the assistance she got in getting the book to the foreign rights agents. "We'd been wondering how to do just that." 

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