Savants is the UK Consulting Powerhouse with the Answers to a Healthy Future for Retail, Tourism, and Hospitality

Savants is the UK Consulting Powerhouse with the Answers to a Healthy Future for Retail, Tourism, and Hospitality

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LONDON, Sept. 2, 2020

LONDON, Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Retail, tourism, and hospitality sectors worldwide are experiencing slumps and even widespread devastation due to the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. They operate with high fixed and labour costs; we saw an 87% slump in sales due to COVID-19 with no optimism at the government level that in the third quarter we will see any meaningful improvement.

Partners Are People, Not Businesses

Savants' people-first approach means small business owners get to meet the team that has their back.

This is the team of heavyweight champions that will fight for their client's business as if it were their own: Jamie Baggaley, the National Director of Savants Finance; Andrew Dixon (National Director Retail/Regional Director South East); Paul Spencer (Regional Business Consultant specialising in Retail, Hospitality, Tourism); Rodney Wood (Regional Director – East of England); and finally Deputy MD Stephen Norfolk MIH – also National Director for Hospitality and Tourism.

Together, this all-star team provides the needed support and mentorship through a suite of services designed to re-think and kickstart new pandemic-relevant business models. With a combined experience of over 150 years working for both large and small businesses such as Tesco, Unilever, Greggs, and many more, they certainly surpass the credentials to support the claim.

Local Knowledge and Satellite Offices

Savants are meeting with companies in person, going directly to the client to provide free initial consultations to anyone in the UK.

With satellite offices in key locations across the UK, your award-winning team of consultants is always right around the corner. Savants have setup shop in Kendal to help pubs, restaurants, and other small businesses impacted by the coronavirus pandemic through its "Project Re-Launch" initiative. This is the first of many programmes to be rolled out as Savants plans to continue investing in its human capital and deploying more satellites to support SME.

The Partner You Need for Recovery, Growth and Resilience One Community at a Time

Savants understand that today's leaders are expected to have well-rounded skills and the vast majority of business owners only have 10% of the requisite knowledge for success.

Savants, however, are the team every SME needs at their back.

With access to over 200+ lenders across the UK, Savants have ensured that SMEs have the right financing support. They provide mentorship and meaningful expert business support, which affords management the ability to improve performance, solve problems and craft a custom growth plan, with full financial backing.

With their finger on the pulse of UK retail, tourism and hospitality, it is good to know SMEs now have real coaches in their corner.

Savants is investing incomparable resources in a time of need for UK business, setting themselves apart from other business support providers through fresh initiatives to support and grow UK SMEs, backing up their claim to be the fastest growing provider of business support in the UK.

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