Academy Award nominated writer of Pixar hit Ratatouille, Wants 'To Inspire a Generation' With Story of da Vinci

Academy Award nominated writer of Pixar hit Ratatouille, Wants 'To Inspire a Generation' With Story of da Vinci

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Oakland, Calif., Sept. 2, 2020

Oakland, Calif., Sept. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Jim Capobianco, of Ratatouille fame, is making a new stop-motion animation film about the life of Leonardo da Vinci.

The Inventor by Jim Capobianco

The Inventor will tell the story of Leonardo's time in the French court where he was free to unleash the full power of his incredible imagination, from flying machines to the human body, in a humorous and inventive story for the whole family.

The movie, to be voiced by Stephen Fry and Star Wars actor Daisy Ridley, is being made completely independently and hit its initial $50,000 fundraising target in just 12 hours.

Jim Capobianco, the writer and director of The Inventor, explained why he wanted to make the film independently.

He said: "We want to create a completely new way of making an animated feature film of this scale".

"Our Kickstarter community is part of the film from the very beginning, joining forces with some of the best and most creative minds in the industry and allowing us to open access and truly share the process and the making of the film."

"We hope to inspire the next generation of animators and Leonardos of the 21st century."

The project brings together the people who have been behind some of the greatest animated films of recent years including Isle of Dogs, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Song of The Sea, Fantastic Mr. Fox and The Lion King. 

The money raised so far will pay for 'The Animatic', this is the blueprint that guides all of the craftspeople who work on the film.

Now Jim is inviting more film fans to sign up to The Inventor Kickstarter campaign so they can progress the next part of the project.

Jim added: "We are absolutely over the moon by the support we've received so far. Now we're inviting more people to join us so we can fund the music development, sound design and concept art.

"Leonardo's story very much resonates with the issues we face in our world today. He was the ultimate free thinker, who challenged the orthodoxy of his time. Stories like his can be inspiring and show us all a way forward."

Supporters of the film will get a host of rewards including exclusive artwork, signed illustrated scripts, behind the scenes tours, animation masterclasses, exclusive film credits, and could even appear in the film.

If you would like to support The Inventor and be part of the next stop-motion animation hit film go to:

For media enquiries please contact

Ellen Byrne
+353 86 028 9499




The insatiably curious and headstrong inventor Leonardo da Vinci leaves Italy to join the French court, where he can experiment freely, inventing flying contraptions, incredible machines, and studying the human body. There, joined in his adventure by the audacious princess Marguerite, Leonardo will uncover the answer to the ultimate question: "What is the meaning of it all?"


Embark on an exhilarating journey with perhaps the greatest genius of all time in this humorous story for the whole family inspired by the life and times of Leonardo da Vinci. From the Academy Award nominated writer of Pixar hit Ratatouille, and story artist of animated classics like The Lion King, Inside Out and Coco.

About The Inventor:

THE INVENTOR is produced by Robert Rippberger and Jim Capobianco and is executive produced by Don Hahn, producer of some of the most successful animated films in recent history including The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast. DoP Peter Sorg previously worked on cult stop-motion features Frankenweenie and Coraline. In addition to the stop motion, some hand-drawn sequences will be overseen by Academy Award nominee Tomm Moore (The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea). Music will be done by Alex Mandel who composed for the academy award winning Pixar film, "Brave."

Executive production credits also include Ilan Urroz, Kat Alioshin, Stephan Roelants, Carmella Casinelli, Dave Lugo, Wes Hull, and Eleanor Coleman


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