Eagle Alpha Announces Three Ground-Breaking Initiatives That Solve Key Challenges For Vendors And Buyers Of Data

Eagle Alpha Announces Three Ground-Breaking Initiatives That Solve Key Challenges For Vendors And Buyers Of Data

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DUBLIN, Sept. 8, 2020

DUBLIN, Sept. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Eagle Alpha, the pioneer connecting the universe of alternative data, is proud to announce the launch of three initiatives that solve key challenges for vendors and buyers of data. With these new initiatives, Eagle Alpha is changing the way that alternative data is discovered, prioritized and trialed.

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Initiative #1: Helping To Solve The Discovery Challenge With A Freemium Offering

Today Eagle Alpha announces the launch of a Freemium version of our catalog.

For data vendors, this solution solves one of their key challenges – helping them generate new leads by being discovered by new data buyers. During COVID-19 when in-person meetings and conferences cannot happen, this offering helps data vendors add prospects to the top of their sales funnels.

For data buyers this solution enables them to discover alternative datasets. The Freemium solution contains basic profile information (approximately 15% of complete profiles in our catalog) on select Eagle Alpha partner datasets (approximately 25% of all datasets in our catalog). This offering is intended for customers that want a trustworthy source to start discovering alternative datasets. Customers that want to commit to incorporating alternative data into their strategy can then elect to subscribe to our Discovery & Prioritization solution, featuring complete profiles, sample data and supporting documentation for over 1,350 alternative datasets as well as customized data advisory services and an API.

Initiative #2: Solving The Standardization Challenge With FISD Integration And Version 2.0 Of Our API

Standardization is key for marketplace efficiency. FISD, the leading financial services industry forum, has taken the lead on standardization. Its members include leading fund management and technology groups. To see a list of members please click here.

Eagle Alpha has spearheaded the adoption of FISD standards in the alternative data industry, engaging with hundreds of data vendors to publish their FISD Tear Sheet and Due Diligence Questionnaire information on Eagle Alpha's catalog, now the largest repository of this standardized information on alternative data available.

Today Eagle Alpha is announcing the release of version 2.0 of the catalog API.

For data vendors, changes to vendor profiles, new marketing material, case studies, white papers etc. can now be consumed by some of the world's most advanced data buyers who ingest our catalog API.

For data buyers who have integrated the Eagle Alpha API, it enables them to access all of these enhanced FISD-standardized fields as they are updated in real-time. Obtaining "the data on data" as it is updated is becoming increasingly important for our buyer clients seeking to build out, maintain, and enhance internal data catalogs that can surface new-to-market data products, track changes and additions to data samples and use cases, and stay on top of the current legal and compliance landscape for specific data products on offer. This upgraded API is available to all clients of Eagle Alpha's Discovery & Prioritization solution at no additional cost.

Initiative #3: Solving The Friction / Access Challenge By Delivering Trial Data

Today Eagle Alpha announces the launch of a Trial Data facilitation feature as a new component of our Discovery & Prioritization solution.

For data vendors, this solution addresses the cumbersome support burden a data vendor faces fulfilling the various compliance, file format, and data delivery preferences of interested data buyers by providing a complimentary single, secure location on Eagle Alpha's cloud environment to store and maintain their data products. Further, Eagle Alpha provides an expanding set of tools and services for creating "snapshot" trial products to help fulfill each unique set of trial requirements.

For data buyers, this solution now enables them to specify their preferences for file formats, filter specific coverage or data attributes for each trial, and receive trial data delivery via a growing number of methods including AWS S3 and SFTP for direct file delivery, and Snowflake and AWS Athena for SQL database environments. This enables data buyers to quickly onboard custom-specified trial data onto their trusted in-house environment, instead of being required to fit the mold on a third party platform to assess datasets.

"We recently published a blog titled 'Data doesn't sell itself'. It outlined the challenges vendors face when selling data and the challenges buyers face when onboarding data. Today the process is inefficient. Eagle Alpha is constantly seeking to solve the challenges of both vendors and buyers and thereby improve efficiency. Today's announcements are a big step forward," said Emmett Kilduff, CEO & Founder of Eagle Alpha.

As the leader in the alternative data industry, Eagle Alpha continues to be first-to-market with solutions for vendors and buyers.

About Eagle Alpha

Established in 2012, Eagle Alpha is the pioneer connecting the universe of alternative data. First adopted by alpha-seeking hedge funds over 10 years ago, alternative data is now being sought for use in the wider asset management space, as well as the private equity and corporate verticals.

Eagle Alpha was one of the first companies to recognize the value from these new data sources and has been investing in educating and connecting alternative data vendors and buyers since 2012, in the process building trusted relationships with both sides of this market.

As of September 1st, 2020, Eagle Alpha partners with over 1,350 datasets and data buyers across the buyside, private equity, corporates and other (e.g. management consultancies).

A unique breadth of datasets, knowledge of the industry and client relationships have cemented Eagle Alpha as the global leader and strategic partner in the data space. To learn more about Eagle Alpha's solutions for buyers (buyside, private equity and corporates) and vendors visit www.eaglealpha.com

Emmett Kilduff
CEO of Eagle Alpha
E: emmett.kilduff@eaglealpha.com 

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