ViewsHub launches innovative rolling realtime survey for US Presidential race

ViewsHub launches innovative rolling realtime survey for US Presidential race

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LONDON, Sept. 14, 2020

LONDON, Sept. 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading workplace feedback and team performance platform, ViewsHub (, has launched a unique realtime rolling performance survey ( that allows users to rate each of the candidates running for President and Vice President in November's US Presidential election. 

The survey, which will run from now until polling day, deploys the platform's unique workplace feedback and team performance technology to enable members of the public to rate the performance and character traits of each candidate.

Performance is measured against an Uber-style five-star rating, which itself is based upon six performance measures, including 'ability to get things done' and 'capacity to adapt to changing circumstances'.

The unique technology also measures users' perceptions of each of the candidates' character traits across three broad categories: 'energy' (how they work); 'interpersonal' (how they interact); and 'intelligence' (how they think). Within each of these categories users are asked to rate, on a sliding scale, each characters' traits. One example features a scale with 'self-centred' at one end through to 'selfless' at the other.

Commenting on the launch, Ab Banerjee, founder and CEO of ViewsHub, said:

"This election more than any before it brings fitness for office to the fore. Quantifying performance and character are critical for voters to assess how the candidates stack up.

"However, a critical shortcoming of traditional opinion polls is their inability to dig beneath the surface. Our unique technology gives respondents the opportunity to properly express themselves and their feelings toward the different candidates.

"We anticipate that some of the most useful insight will be taken from the individual character ratings. It's important that each of the candidates in this Presidential race recognize they're a part of a two-man team. Evidence shows that for teams to perform at their best they need to have cognitive diversity, different problem-solving abilities and complementary traits.

"On the Democratic ticket, Kamala Harris appears to be a good fit for Joe Biden. She brings bucket loads of passion, drive and energy – areas where Biden falls short.

"Pence's character traits also act as a good complement to Trump's. In the media Trump is widely portrayed as being self-centred and untrustworthy. In contrast, Mike Pence is seen by many voters as being more trustworthy and having greater integrity than the President.

"It will be fascinating to see how voters' perceptions of the different candidates change over the next two months or whether people have already made up their minds and if their views remain constant."




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