New Standard Institute Launches 'Road to the Rebuild' For Brands, Media and Citizens

New Standard Institute Launches 'Road to the Rebuild' For Brands, Media and Citizens

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NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2020

"Plot twist: There is No Such Thing as Sustainable Fashion."

NEW YORK, Sept. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- New Standard Institute launches the 'Roadmap for The Rebuild' Wednesday, September 16th - the first data-based plan for all stakeholders: brands, citizens and media that will be necessary to achieve the goal of a dynamic, representative and inclusive industry that exists within planetary bounds in which people and planet thrive. That is to say, a "sustainable" industry.

The Roadmap (download at with password COUNTDOWN) is a recognition that while brands have signed on to sustainability initiatives that have targets set in 2030 or 2050, the only hope that these goals will be achieved is if all the stakeholders in the industry do their part to ensure that they are.                                                

The fashion industry's appetite for information about the environmental and social impacts of clothing has never been greater. Nevertheless, basic understanding of these issues are not broadly known, and "sustainability" continues to be predominantly a marketing exercise, not the industry's central mission, which these times demand.

To fill this gap, along with the Roadmap, NSI will simultaneously launch a publicly available Master Class based off of the first independent, deeply-researched, peer-reviewed Curriculum. With this, NSI finally brings to market an opportunity for all stakeholders to be fully informed and able to play their role in achieving sustainability gains.

The Master Class is made up of six units bringing together the latest data available covering the most significant points of impact across the lifecycle of clothing:

Whether one is a citizen starting to explore the impact of the fashion industry, a journalist or influencer wanting to be empowered with accurate information, or a senior executive within a fashion company, there is an opportunity for everyone to expand their knowledge and better understand the role they play in turning the industry into a force for good.

The Master Class will be open to all on Wednesday. The Curriculum will be made available upon completion of the Master Class. Register at

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