RAILVIS.com: The revolution in rail freight logistics has just begun

RAILVIS.com: The revolution in rail freight logistics has just begun

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PRAGUE, Sept. 29, 2020

The railway cargo business is now connected by the unique, modern and secure RAILVIS.com platform, which gathers offers of available wagon and locomotive capacities from all over Europe in one place

PRAGUE, Sept. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- RAILVIS.com, an innovative online platform for rail freight logistics that effectively connects all European rail carriers, has started today. The independent RAILVIS.com platform offers the industrial and rail companies a possibility to easily and quickly find available locomotive or wagon capacities, providing incredible time savings that are up to thirty times higher than traditional ordering processes thanks to complete digitalisation.

In the past, companies requiring rail services had to go through the difficult process of finding a supplier, checking out its prices and options and comparing everything manually. It was then
necessary to communicate with each supplier by e-mail, telephone or in person, which made a very long ordering process.

"The traditional process is very inefficient. The idea of creating an independent online platform that would be as user-friendly as possible and facilitate all related communication was completely logical. We are glad that we have come up with it right now, after a long period of trying out and testing the market. RAILVIS.com will effectively link all European railway companies together, helping them in their further growth," explained Adam Froněk, RAILVIS.com Director and co-founder.

Increasing productivity, saving time and money

RAILVIS.com is the first one on the market to unify all available rental options for wagons and locomotives in a clear manner. This innovation can achieve dramatic savings – orders that used to take days or even weeks can be processed within 15 minutes thanks to this platform. Its users can thus save costs and increase productivity.

Logging in to the RAILVIS.com platform is simple and fast; just fill out the registration on the website.

The RAILVIS.com platform was established in 2019. The RAILVIS.com team consists of experts from all over Europe with more than 16 years of experience in the field of rail freight. The aim of RAILVIS.com is the complete digitalisation of the railway business and the connection of all European customers and suppliers into a single environment for the most efficient supply and demand of the most optimal logistics solutions. The RAILVIS.com sales offices are located in most European countries.

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