Maxonrow Awards Five Prizes to Innovative Blockchain for Healthcare Solutions

Maxonrow Awards Five Prizes to Innovative Blockchain for Healthcare Solutions

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TAIPEI, Taiwan, Oct. 6, 2020

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Maxonrow hosted the closing ceremony of its first-ever Hackathon, MAXathon, on October 3, 2020. People from over 30 countries participated and seventeen pre-selected teams pitched their blockchain for healthcare solutions to a jury of seven people, and five teams won from a 15,000 euro prize pool.

The Winners

There was one winner per each of the five challenges Maxonrow set participants to solve for MAXathon.

For the first track, Physical Distancing, the winner was team "Move-Safe." They created an algorithm that determines a safety score and creates a live map that will allow people to avoid crowded places.

The winners of the second track, Credential, and Certificate Issuance, were team "VeCura '' who came up with a solution using Maxonrow's Blockchain to store test results on the blockchain.

The winners of the third track, Welfare, were team "Well and Fair", an application where anyone can directly apply for a grant or stimulus package that best suits their needs.

The winners of the fourth track, Virtualizing the New Norm, were team 010. The project uses zero-knowledge cryptography to form cryptographic commitments and proofs of identity.

The prize for the final track UI/UX was awarded to team "Med-Chain" a machine learning-powered platform that will provide the best supply chain solutions for medical organizations

World-Class Judges and Mentors

Seven judges were responsible for choosing the winners from a pool of over 40+ submitted projects. The judges were:

Nineteen mentors accompanied participants during the month-long hackathon by having 1-1 sessions to discuss their projects:

What's Next?

MAXathon was a great success at leading blockchain enthusiasts to create solutions for pandemics. Maxonrow will continue planning events that cater to its growing developer community and have a real social impact.


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