BAE Systems Maritime Services Selects DTC for Unmanned Surface Comms

BAE Systems Maritime Services Selects DTC for Unmanned Surface Comms

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HERNDON, Virginia, Oct. 6, 2020

HERNDON, Virginia, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- DTC Communications (DTC) is proud to announce BAE Systems, Portsmouth, UK has chosen DTC's Phase 4 Radio for the comms on their latest Unmanned Surface Vehicle Platform, unmanned RHIB.  "DTC's performance during recent live trials proved to us that their COFDM based Mesh waveform is the most qualified product for our system and for future integration in the P24 Navy X program" says Mike Woods, Chief Technologist, BAE Maritime Systems. 

BAE Systems has built our reputation on providing best-in-class maritime solutions

  BAE Systems has built our reputation on providing best-in-class maritime solutions for the Royal Navy and only world-class communication's technology can meet such stringent specifications. Mike Woods says, "In addition to the performance of DTC's technology, their engineers provide in-depth knowledge of our domain and mission and work collaboratively with the BAE Systems Program team.

"We value our partnership with BAE Maritime Systems and find it rewarding to see the performance DTC achieved," says Neil McSparron, DTC, CTO.

DTC's MeshUltra Tactical COFDM waveform was designed from the ground up for optimal performance in the presence of heavy multipath and interference. It is not derived from Wi- Fi or WiMAX nor dependent on consumer silicon. MeshUltra employs over 800 carriers in contrast to the 52 carriers of Wi-Fi, allowing for a lower symbol rate on each carrier and therefore much better resistance to long range multipath reflections.

The MeshUltra COFDM waveform is MiMo-capable and extremely spectrally efficient, particularly when compared with radios utilizing constant amplitude modulations. DTC can offer up to 5.6 Mbps in a narrow 1.25MHz channel – over ten times the throughput of some industry solutions in "like for like" bandwidths. This means that DTC can offer PLI update rates, low latency voice and video in channels where these solutions could only offer slow update PLI.

Most MANET Mesh radios employ a "contention based" channel access mechanism called CSMA (Carrier Sensed Multiple Access) in which radios with data to send wait until they can see a clear channel before transmitting. CSMA networks are subject to self-interference due to "contention." This leads to multiple retries significantly reducing real world network capacity and very variable latency. DTC MeshUltra utilizes a Token-based managed channel access mechanism in which only a radio holding the channel access token can transmit. This completely removes self- interference and allows DTC networks to operate extremely efficiency – and with low and predictable latency – even at very high utilization.

About BAE Systems, Portsmouth, UK

BAE Systems is a global defense, aerospace and security company employing around 83,100 people worldwide. Our wide-ranging products and services cover air, land and naval forces, as well as advanced electronics, security, information technology, and support services.

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BAE Systems Maritime Services
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About DTC

Headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, DTC, a small business is a world leader in mission critical tactical communication solutions for the Military, Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies and Unmanned Systems. DTC's differentiated Waveforms deliver the greatest range and throughput with the lowest latency yielding secure real-time situational awareness in the most challenging environments.

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