Exploring what makes data centres tick, from top to bottom || Data Centre Magazine

Exploring what makes data centres tick, from top to bottom || Data Centre Magazine

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NORWICH, England, Oct. 9, 2020

BizClik Media Group announced that the October issue of Data Centre Magazine is now live, exploring topics including DCIM, hardware, servers, facilities management and more

NORWICH, England, Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Data Centre Magazine is the industry's leading community and resource for executives and leaders in the data centre and cloud industries.

This month's edition is all about managing data centres. From servers and networking hardware to facilities management and data centre infrastructure management (DCIM) solutions, we're exploring what makes data centres tick, from top to bottom. We'll also be bringing you exclusive interviews with thought leaders from Serverfarm, Green Datacentre AG and DC Blox.

As enterprises around the world become increasingly digitalised, interconnected and agile, the value of eliminating silos in favour of more holistic approaches has become a widely recognised strategy. As the data centre industry shifts towards cloud and managed services, DCIM technology is enjoying a renaissance. This month, we explore the developing relationship between data centre operators and the new wave of DCIM solutions.

We're also bringing you two reports on the hardware that supports a data centre's operations. Our deep dive into the world of servers investigates the engines that drive the modern data centre. We take a look at physical servers versus virtual servers, and explore some of the latest innovations driving the sector forward into Industry 4.0.

Networking hardware is also evolving. Our second hardware report focuses on the changing landscape in the networking hardware industry, as data centre operators everywhere prepare for global data traffic to increase exponentially over the next decade.

Also in this month's issue of Data Centre Magazine, we're examining the industry best practices in the field of facilities management, based on industry leading expertise from Schneider Electric and Virtus Data Centres.

Lastly, this month's top 10 breaks down the best data centre conferences in a year which presented radical challenges for event managers. We hope you enjoy the issue.



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