Monitoring your temperature just became as simple as putting on a plaster thanks to VTi Limited

Monitoring your temperature just became as simple as putting on a plaster thanks to VTi Limited

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LONDON, Oct. 9, 2020

LONDON, Oct. 9, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- With a high temperature being one of the first symptoms of a number of health concerns, including Covid-19, VTi Limited is bringing to market a revolutionary new indicator aimed at empowering people to monitor their body temperature health and others, from a safe distance.

The Visual Temperature Indicator is easy to use regardless of age or setting, adding an additional layer of protection. The VTi makes the complex task of temperature health monitoring on any scale, simple. (PRNewsfoto/VTi Limited)

The Visual Temperature Indicator (VTi) is an adhesive disc applied to the head, where it can accurately and immediately alert the wearer, or a carer, to a change in temperature at the earliest stage.

Developed as an aid to continuously monitor a person's body temperature when traditional medical devices and thermometers are not in use, the VTi uses thermoreactive technology that reacts to the body's temperature, displaying green when normal and changing to a shade of red when it rises to 37.5C. If the temperature rises to 38C, the VTi symbol will turn bright red and immediate action should be taken. It will also revert to a green symbol if a person's temperature returns to a normal range indicating improvement.

The discs have been successfully trialled across different care and business settings and here is some of the feedback.

"The efficiencies and effectiveness of this product for monitoring both staff and clients are unquestionable. The camaraderie and everyone looking out for each other has been wonderful. The VTi has also shown its worth on clients that do not have capacity to inform others they are not feeling well with the symptom of a high temperature. It makes the complicated task of large-scale temperature health monitoring simple and that is very helpful in a care setting" – Marie Robson, Elan Care.

While initially developed in response to Covid-19, director John Hill said the benefits are wide ranging and not limited to care settings, every business and person can add an extra layer of protection.

He said: "The coronavirus has naturally had a huge effect on the healthcare sector and its professionals, not just for those battling against the devastating impact of the virus on the front line but also those in other settings, like care homes, whose main priority is to maintain the wellbeing and safety of staff and the people in their care.

"The landscape across healthcare will be changed forever but, a high temperature is the first symptom of many underlying health conditions. Therefore, bringing something to the market that adds an extra layer of protection while still enabling social distancing, keeping people safe in the knowledge that any changes can be picked up immediately is of benefit to everyone."

With early intervention crucial for any illnesses, the VTi has been trialled across a number of different social care settings, on clients, staff members and people receiving specialist care. It effectively and accurately indicated temperature changes allowing for the right support to be deployed immediately.

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