Openforce Available on Google Play Store

Openforce Available on Google Play Store

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LONDON, Oct. 13, 2020

A new application that arose from a vision to connect contractors with their workers in a safe and flexible manner

LONDON, Oct. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Openforce is a new technological endeavour aimed at helping contractors find CSCS trained employees with ease and simplicity through its online web application and Google Play store application.

Latest figures show there are 2.4 million jobs in the UK construction industry and more than one-third of people who work in the industry are self-employed. Openforce was set up with the aim to ensure employers can easily match and find self-employed workers for their new projects. Openforce commits to the five-star pledge that ensures security and accountability are taken by both parties whilst also taking the admin out of the hands of the employees by managing their timesheets and payrolls. Openforce is bridging the gap between firms and workers by making it swift and efficient to hire new employees.

Openforce was set up and founded by Amol Kyshatriya who conceived the idea in 2015.

"The idea of self-build software took shape and evolved into an online marketplace for construction companies to hire workers. By 2016 my design business had started to do well. So, I decided to invest some money to build a prototype. Flash forward four years of development which had multiple failures and many painful moments when I wanted to quit; today we have a 'working product' that outlines our vision for the business." – Amol Kyshatriya

This product envisioned by Amol has been created and beta tested with one mission statement in mind: to empower the UK construction workforce and create seamless job hiring processes for construction companies.

Our ambition is to grow Openforce from a go-to marketplace for construction workforce into a self-sustaining eco-system for the industry that enables upskilling of our workforce, facilitates better job management through smarter online tools and attracts youth to building industry. Let's make construction cool again.

Openforce is free to download and use on the Google Play Store or through the web application.

For more information and to request a demo:

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