Business Reporter - Unlocking social value economics

Business Reporter - Unlocking social value economics

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LONDON, Oct. 29, 2020

How sustainability and social impact can improve sales, raise employee engagement, increase Net Promoter Scores, and positively influence ESG ratings

LONDON, Oct. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In an article published on Business Reporter, technology company Givewith explains how sustainability and social impact can be used to deliver powerful sales incentives.

Sustainability is increasingly at the heart of business. In an ideal world, increasing social good would help deliver greater business growth. Givewith is leading the way in making this happen.

The concept is simple but truly innovative. Givewith acts at the level of transactions between businesses, rather than trying to extract social good from profits or pre-tax revenues. In Givewith's model, both parties to a transaction – the seller and the buyer – derive greater business value from an activity that has a positive impact on people and the planet.

An example is seen in a sales negotiation between IBM and Boston Consulting Group. IBM included carbon removals via Givewith partner Indigo Ag as part of providing IBM's Hybrid Cloud Platform to BCG. As a result, BCG gained access to carbon credits to help meet its pledge of being net zero by 2030, and farmers participating in Indigo Ag's Carbon program were provided with the financial incentive to transition to beneficial farming practices.

At the macro-level, Givewith call this concept "social value economics." By focussing on transactions, Givewith turns selling and buying into an engine for positive social change that has led to over $100 million being directed to social impact initiatives.

Integrating social impact into the sales cycle is an efficient, profitable and sustainable way to improve businesses and the state of the world.

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About Givewith

Givewith enables companies to drive business growth and stakeholder value by directing funding to environmental and social impact programs through their everyday business transactions. Its suite of solutions tailored for sales and procurement translate social impact opportunities into critical business KPIs. Givewith is integrated with the world's largest digital B2B marketplace, SAP Ariba.


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