Now, By Referring Friends and Peers, Users Can Become a Part of Crystalead's Success

Now, By Referring Friends and Peers, Users Can Become a Part of Crystalead's Success

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LONDON, Nov. 2, 2020

LONDON, Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Crystalead, a leading online marketing platform, is announcing that now its users can earn benefits and rewards by introducing new users to the company's campaign management platform. This platform, which enables users to create, distribute and monitor advertising campaigns in a simple manner, was created in 2020 and has already gained popularity among novice and veteran online advertisers. "We want our partners – and that's how we see them, as partners and not as clients – to be part of the boost in our business," said CEO Johnny Greenwood, when asked about this new venture. "Crystalead has been ahead of the game from day one, and I see no reason not to let the people who work with us enjoy some of our fruits."

Online commerce – the way to do business in the COVID-19 reality

It is clear by now that the Coronavirus pandemic has people shifting their business from physical stores to their online counterparts. However, there's also a growing trend of online freelancers and service offers as a result. New players enter the digital world, usually without much knowledge or expertise, and are expected to compete with people who have been doing virtual business for quite a while now. "We quickly saw the need for a simple, fast platform which lets people advertise themselves online and become a player in this virtual playground," added Greenwood. When asked about the difference between Crystalead and other agencies, he explained: "The problem with most of the other platforms – including big ones like Google and Facebook – is that they tend to be complicated. In a reality where millions of people make a quick shift to online business and online advertising, only a simple three-step campaign management platform could do the trick, and our numbers vouch for that."

About Crystalead

Founded in 2020, Crystalead is already a key player among digital marketing solutions providers worldwide. The company offers a platform which enables a quick process of creating and publishing advertising campaigns online – as well as analysis and evaluation of campaign success. Today Crystalead also offers packages and subscriptions for users interested in applying online advertising for the long term, as well as a comprehensive set of tutorials and guides for people just recently entering the field of online marketing.


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