Business Reporter: Holistic retail experience

Business Reporter: Holistic retail experience

Artificial Intelligence is integrating the customer experience across all retail channels

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LONDON, Nov. 2, 2020

LONDON, Nov. 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- In an article published on Business Reporter, Roland Gavrylov the CEO of Recommend, describes an emerging retail ecosystem where brands and consumers are more closely integrated.

eCommerce is changing from delivering disjointed one-off interactions to providing a continuous experience where each touchpoint adds data that can enhance the user's experience and enable the provision of relevant content.

According to Roland Gavrylov, "The future of e-commerce platforms is to move away from seeing audiences as segments and instead address them as individuals. It's about providing a personalised, one-to-one online customer experience." 

Technology enables this in several ways. Recommend's product merchandising modules can show product recommendations based on many data points including popularity, conversion rate, sizes and availability. Visually similar items can be displayed, adding a different type of product recommendation. 

Using Recommend's technology, communications channels such as email and on-site messaging can be integrated into the sales process, providing powerful additional sales opportunities. For example, AI can help retailers decide whether it is best to send an email, or a push notification based on data such as customer behaviour, device and location.

The Recommend self-learning system functions with almost zero human involvement and administrative time. The platform is continually evolving, updating and improving every feature to provide maximum efficiency and respond to the rapid pace of innovations in today's market. Brands that use it will improve their credibility and user engagement while increasing conversions and revenues.

To learn more about personalising online shopping experiences, read the article.

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About Recommend

Recommend is a personalisation and 360º marketing platform for eCommerce. Using the power of data, Recommend powers retail businesses growth by creating a personalised shopping experience for visitors. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), Recommend enables businesses to understand who is on their website and to personalise their journey and shopping experience in a way that predicts their needs and desires. The result is increased revenue, lower cart abandonment rates, and greater customer loyalty.

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